Monday, March 8, 2010

my choist for next governer of Alabama

100 Days until the Primaries
We are fast approaching 100 days until the Primary Elections in Alabama. This Friday there will be 100 days left until Alabamians go to the polls and vote. I appreciate all of the hard work and planning that has taken place since I first entered this race for Governor back in June of 2009. Thousands of people have volunteered, contributed, and prayed for our campaign and I am humbled by your efforts. We have a bright future ahead for all of us in Alabama and as your next Governor I am looking forward to working for you as we create a sound and lasting future for all of us.
The challenges are great as we work together to solve Alabama’s current financial problems however, for the first time you have the opportunity to elect a Republican Conservative Governor with a Republican led Senate and Legislature. With the victory in Calhoun County by Republican K.L Brown in House District 40, the momentum is in our court. Congratulations Representative Brown for a hard fought victory.
Keep up the hard work, continue to put out yard signs, hold house parties and fund raisers as we pick up the pace to the June 1st primary.
Thank you and God Bless You!
Judge Roy Moore
February 1, 2010
Great News from Judge Moore about the polls!
This is to express my gratitude to each of you whose hard work has given me a commanding lead in the Governor’s race! It is because of you that a recent ALFA poll shows that we have 42% of the likely Republican voters in the race for Governor, which is a double digit lead over the next closest Republican candidate who has a 17% share. This lead is confirmed by the AEA poll taken in 2009. The bottom line is that we are winning, and this means the people of Alabama are winning because our race is about serving all the people, not the special interest groups. This should encourage us all as we take our campaign to the people to stand for our Constitutional rights, cut taxes and eliminate waste and corruption in government, but we cannot take this lead for granted. Other candidates are raising large amounts of money from special interest groups for advertising which will be very influential in the final weeks of the campaign.
Thank you for standing with me as we take Alabama forward to a new day. Let’s redouble our efforts to work even harder and raise even more money as we face the challenge of other candidates and the special interest groups. Lets win on June 1st !
Thank you,
Judge Roy Moore

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  1. Boy, I started reading this and thought for a minute there, that you (John L.) was running for governor. I think that would be alright tho.