Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Sunday, March 29, 2015


Hello old friend I doubt that you remember me, I am John Davidson I am now living in a retirement home in Rome Georgia an have been living here over ten years. You will remember that you and your family helped me put on a couple Christmas in Goodwater in year of 1997 and also you and I along with one of you sons spent a day in the old Hillwood town area and that was a delightful day. I have written a little story about the town and the depression years there. Since you showed much concerned of the town area and COOSA COUNTY, I believe that you would like to preserve the history of Coos County and maybe you will write a story about Coos County in later years when you retire from the corporate world. With the help of Joy and Jeff Cooker whom Joy was the grand daughter of MR> I.R. Anderson who was the owner of the town of Hillwood, we were able to get the story recorded in the Alabama Argues. Terry if you are interest I will send you the Hillwood story that I have written, will need your mailing address. ---John Davidson

Thursday, March 19, 2015


An Old Man I am an old man that is doing the very best he can with all his old ailments I am nearly blind can hardly hear thunder I have false teeth that feels like they are made of hard wood they fall out every time I sneeze. I walk with a walking cane and fall down frequently but I just brush my self off and keep on going. I will soon be 93 years old some say they are 93 years young, I try to act like a teenager I try to dance ever time some one will dance with me. Marion Mull and my self shoot pool every evening and some time I win. I like to listen the old music, I despise the new style singing, I can remember hearing my Grand Father calling his hogs that sounded better then they do of this new style music. I am a born again Christian, I am happy and content seldom depressed. I cannot read the bible anymore but I have this person on the computer has put ever chapter and verse and I listen to him daily. Some of my friends tell me I am big lire. It is not true --- John Davidson

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Thought For Today O SHIT I just farted I am going to see how many of my email friends have a science of humor’ I am going to use a couple words that is not in the KJV bible, and I do not believe they are sinful words, I guess they may be the way we use them. I am trying to use them this morning that maybe I may make you smile a little or laugh out loud for a minute. These two words are considered to be vulgar and profane but every one of us does it, it is a necessity to live. Any way when I was in the army way back in 1944 I use to be a medical technician and I use to be a first aid man on troop trains caring soldiers to fort embarkation shipping to over seas and I was returning back to camp and going thru the large railroad terminal in Chicago and I needed to use the rest room and it had one of those thy dangle toilets that you had to put a dime in it to use it and I sat there for a long time broken hearted and nothing happen and a little later the porter came by and ask me is there any thing wrong and ask me why are you crying soldier, and I said I sit here broken hearted well I answered him well you would be crying too if you had spent your last dime to shit and only farted. He offered to refund my dime. I pray that no one feels offended by my little off color humor this morning. Have a good day. John GOD BLESS AMERICA---IN GOD WE TRUST

Friday, February 13, 2015


Gracious God my Heavenly Father I come to you in the name of Jesus, because there is no other way that we can come to you but thru Jesus. Good morning dear God thank you for another good nights sleep and rest I have awaken feeling good and fresh looking forward in another day trusting you and serving you. Thank you dear God for the many blessings that you bestow on me ever day, I do not feel worthy but I sure do appreciate them, I am striving the very best I can to please you and do not do any thing or say any thing that is displeasing to you. I fall so short in my in my worshiping and serving you, I sill have the old sin nature within me. Thank you dear Jesus for what you did for me when you died for me on the cross. I was Crucified thru Jesus while he was own the cross. Ever thing that I know in life comes from the cross. I am free from all sin because Jesus paid my sin debt and it was all-free for me. My sincere prayers are that all will seek the love and trust him. AMEN AND AMEN --- John Davidson

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Good morning world family friends and neighbors and GOOD MORNING DEAR GOD, I woke up early this morning parsing God for another wonderful year ending year of 2o14 and year 2014 has been a great wonderful year we have been so wonderfully blessed here at Renaissance family I have witnessed so many good changes in all the staff and all the workers and occupants It appears that we have had a revival here of Christianity I witnessed people being so kindly and friendly so activity everyone trying to help each other I see people waving to friends all the way across the dinning room. I stay here in my in my little nest hiding place and do not read the news peeper I can not hear and understand the pretty ladies trying to give the news. I hope and pray that the revival has been going on in the real world. We all need to pray for our President and all the so-called leaders that they will repent from their wicked ways. My resolution is that we will continue to have a revival here in our Renaissance family and we pray that we will be better people during the New Year 2015. –John Davidson