Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Sanaritan Story

My Samaritan story

This reminds me of the parable as told in the 10 chapter of Luke as Jesus told to the lawyer about the man was going down the road from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he fell into the hands of robbers. They beat the poor man and left him on the road to die. A priest happened to come by but ignored him and past him by. A Levite came by and crossed over to the other side of the road and passed him by. But the good, Samaritan treated him and bandaged his wounds and took him to the inn and paid the innkeeper to take care of him.

This reminds me of an incident when I was in the military. I had an automobile; I believe it was a whippet. I had purchased it from another soldier who was being shipped out for over seas. As I remember I paid him $50.00, for it. I had never heard of an automobile by that name and I have not ever seen another one since. This was probably in the year of 1943 or early 1944. Another soldier friend of mine had been in town, which was Gainesville Texas. As we were going back to camp, which was Camp Howze, Texas when we came up on an automobile accident. I do not remember much of the details about the accident but I remember that there were two elderly civilians a man and his wife were bleeding quiet a bit. They were semi consentience. There was very little traffic on the road then and there were not any other vehicles there. I did not know where the civilian hospital was located. There were several soldiers there but no civilians there. It seems that they had run into a bus full of soldiers. I asked my friend and some of the other soldiers to help me load the injured couples into my car. I told my friend that we were going to take them to the military hospital. He advised me not to do that. We both knew that we were not supposed to do that. I told him that they were going to have medical attention very soon or they were not going to make it.

He and I were both medical technicians at the hospital and we knew they had emergency crews on call for emergencies. We carried them to the emergency room and my major was the doctor was the officer on duty that night. He chewed me out very much, and told me that I could be court marshaled for bringing civilians to the Army hospitals. He told me that would cost the government several hundred dollars to pull all these doctors and men and nurses to work in the operating room. I told him that I was very sorry about doing that, but I did not know what to do. I told him that I did not know where the civilian hospital was located, and I believed that they were going to have medical attention very soon. He told me that it would be very expensive use the operation room and all the medical supplies. And they would have to stay in the hospital for a long time. My friend and I both stayed on with the emergency crew and worked with them. The man was admitted in the hospital in my orthopedic department until he was well enough to be transferred to the civilian hospital. The woman was admitted to the nurse’s hospital department until she could be transferred to civilian hospital.

My major told me again that night that was a dumb thing that you did. But I knew that he was not going to recommend me be court marshaled or recommend me for punishment. He told me a few days after that incident. He told me that we probably saved the lives of these two people, by getting them to the hospital as soon as we did. I told him then if we saved their lives, then that was what we wanted to do by bringing them to the military hospital. I told him that I knew that we were not suppose to bring civilian people to the Army hospital but I knew they were not going to live unless they got medical attention very soon, I knew that I could be court marshaled, but I had to take a chance on doing it, so if I had gotten court marshaled then it would have been the effort and expense was worth what we did.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Letter From Heaven

My name is St. Peter and I am the gate keeper here in heaven, and my boss is Jesus Christ and he informed me to send an email from heaven to the president of America and all leaders of America and especially the people and asking what is going on in America we are not getting many saints from earth anymore and especially from America, when we used to get so many we had a hard time processing all of them, but now we sit around with nothing to do, but praise our master, but that is ok for us saints, but our master is pretty well fed up about it.

My master who is Jesus Christ approached me the other day and he ask me did you disciples send my holy book to all parts of the world as I instructed you to do when I came here to heaven, and I told him that we made sure that ever nation would have a copy of it thru their forefathers. I told him that these early Americans were good Christian obedient to your word and they set up a government that did pretty good for many years and later they developed a couple parties they called them one democrats and the other republican and they got in to a religion and their GOD became money, and God they left you out and they left most all American out as well. They put in some people they called them supreme court judges, and that worked good for many years until the old original judges died and we replaced them with the same caliber of people as the democrats and republicans they are supposed to interpret the laws that is good for all Americans but they do not care anything about your laws or any thing that is good for Americans they just make new laws that suits the sinners and the ACLU and ignoring you and American people, Master they are trying to leave your name off of their money. Master they are condemning the Ten Commandments that you and Mosses spent forty days chiseling out in stone, Master if I was still living on earth I would slice off many ears, and you would have to refute me again. Master many Americans made much noise and fusing but the ruling of the so-called Supreme Court should have made all Americans to slice off of all the idiots’ ears.

Master You know all of these things, because you know everything, why are you asking me about these things, and because I wanted you to express this to all the leaders of America and all of Americans as well, that I am about fed up with that sinful nation. So send this email to all of the leaders and all of American and all to the whole world because I have many remedies that I can use to change their attitude and tell them to repent and come back in to my fold and worship me. Remind them about what happen to Sodium and Gloomier and remind them about the big flood.

Let me give you an important tip from your old friend ST. Peter because I know my Master and I love him, and he will do exactly what he tells you he will do, and it will be more then slicing off an ear, so shape up before it is to late.
ST. Peter

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Statement Of Counterfit

The public is now putting out the new one-dollar coins in circulation. These coins do not have the wording ‘IN GOD WE TRUST” on them, I truly encourage you to refuse and reject these coins if they try to give them to you in making change. Tell them that you want a paper one-dollar bill. I consider a coin that does not have the wording’ IN GOD WE TRUST” on them to be counterfeit.

Enough is enough and this is more then enough, I am mad, I am mad enough to fight.
A concerned Christian:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Letter To My Renaissance Friends

My name is John Davidson I have been an occupant here at Renaissance facility for three short months. I have come to love many of the occupants, the staff, and the care- givers very much. I told my family and my friends that I was going to come here and live for three months and see if I could adjust to a new phase of living. I prayed long and hard by making my decision to come here and try a new style of living. I had the support and the encouragement of my children all thru this transitions period. I had many doubts for a while that I could not change my life style. But so many people were so kind and friendly it made me feel so welcome. I feel that you have accepted me in to your family.

I spent many hours praying to God that he would lead me and guide me in my decision to come here and give it a trial run. I really believe that he has led and guided me to be here. I still miss home and friends back home in Goodwater, AL. but I will preserve. Now after three and one-half months I believe due to my advanced age and some physical adversities, I believe that this is the best place for me to spend my remaining years here.

I believe that God still has things that I can do to serve him and glorify his name. I do not know what those things are just yet, but I believe that he will reveal them to me in due course. I hope and pray that I can live up to your expectations of me. I love you all very much.
Your renaissance friend-John Davidson

Monday, February 8, 2010

How powerful Is My God

Heavenly Father I come to you this morning thru the Holy Spirit in the name of my savior Jesus Christ. I come praising your name and thanking you for another good nights rest. I come acknowledging to you that I am a weak wicked sinner and I am asking for your wonderful grace and forgive me for all my sins and make me whole. I try hard dear God but within my own self I fall so short of you expect of me, I need your help thru your holy spirit to help me to stay on your path that you have designed for me to follow.

Dear God as I sat here meditation on the words that I want to say to you, I find my self trying to find words that I want to blame you for my sinful ways. I know dear God when you created Adam and Eve and placed them in the beautiful garden, they were free of sin but you gave them choice, so they choused to disobey you and sinned. I know dear God that you gave me choice as well and sometime I disobey your will for me and I fall off your heavenly path and sin.

Dear God I sometime get so depressed and desponded unhappy over the way we act and conduct our selves in your wonderful world that you created for us live in and enjoy. I have only lived here in your wonderful world for a short period of time and I have watched it crumbled and deteriorate like a pile of filthy rags. Forgive me dear God, I am no exception, I am right in there with the rest of the hypocrites.

I try to raise my self above the wicked ways but I find myself falling in to the hog mire with the rest if them. I find myself being very critical of others that does not thank as I do. I know that is one of my many sins that I commit every day.

Dear God how powerful that you are, I marvel over your power over every thing that exist in heaven and earth, I know that you are in complete control of every thing that lives and breathes. I know that you can change any thing in heaven and earth that you so desire. Your holy word tells me that you will give that power to me if I would develop my faith as much as a mustard seed. I am trying to develop my faith to that point as a mustard seed. I want to be like you Jesus, but I do not want to receive the power that you have because dear God I am afraid if I had that kind of power I am afraid that I would pick up this wicked world and cup it in my both hands and shake it like a pair of dice and scatter it in to the place that you have developed for unbelievers called hell.

Dear Jesus I believe that you have a great sense of humor and I believe that you get a little thrill and a little smile when you read some of my prayers, I sometimes get a little carried away talking with you, forgive me dear God if I ever say any thing is displeasing to you.

Dear Jesus I just thought about another little statement that I thought might be a little humorous and I wondered if it was a little too much and I mentioned it to my Holy Spirit and he told me go ahead, Jesus loves humors statements.

What my statement of thought was if I could acquire my faith to you as much as a mustard seed that I would pick up the capital in Washington DC, with all the elected officials within it and dump it in the ocean and let it float it to China. Then as I was writing this statement it occurred to me that will not be necessary because in a few short years the China officials will come on over and ask for the keys of the capital anyway.

Dear God I pray that no one will feel offended by what I write unless they will use it to change some of our horrible situation of our country. Heavenly Father how wonderful and how powerful you are there is no one or any thing that can touch the power that you have, there will never be any one or any thing that will ever over power you, thank you dear God, that you are my God.

Thank you dear God for being my God my savior, my Holy Spirit, thank you for your wonderful grace that enable me to write this little letter. Good night dear God, my savior, my Holy Spirit, have a wonderful nights sleep.
John Davidson

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Buckle Down America

Buckle down America, get off your lazy ass, and get with it, the politicians and crooks have sold America to hell. They have been building their mansions in hell, while the Christians have stood by and give them all the material they needed and wanted. We better wake up and come back to the old time religion before God sees us as Sodium and Gomorrah and rains fire and brimstone up on us or create another Noah and let him build another ark.

It appears to me that the Ark may already be well in construction and the rains of brimstone may be falling on the world each day. I am centrality not a prophet but I am smart enough to see the writing on the wall. Well it may not be to late yet, but there will have to be a change in our spiritual attitude and receive Jesus as our savior. Our new President has promised to start a new change in the political Areenia but he will need the guideless of God and the help of all America to put us about on Gods path. We will have to go back to the old time religion to be successful. AMEN

John Davidson

I cannot preach like Peter
I cannot pray like Paul
I just take all my sins to Jesus because he died for us all.