Sunday, July 31, 2016

Love letter Renaissance

Howdy to my good friends at Renaissance I consider all of you to be my brothers and sisters I believe that you all are born aging Christians. We here at Renaissance are all over the average age of life. I believe that the most of you came here to spend the rest of your remaining years on earth. I came here in year in October 2004 to try a new style of living and see if I could be happy in a new kind of family in two more months I will have lived here twelve years and have enjoyed ever hour of it. What a blessing we have such a wonderful beautiful facility to live in we have the prettiest park to relax in and walk around in the walk paths.

In the springtime I walk on the sacred paths and listen to good gospel music. In the hot summer time I spend much time in the carport rocking away my blues away that is not a true statement because I do not have any blues in my life now. I sit there and talk to my savior and meditative over my blessings.  I sit there and talk with Jesus and thank him for so many blessing that he gives to me. I look up in to the beautiful ski and wonder when God is going to call us to our new home in heave. When I meditate over life as it is now I think that I am living here in heaven on earth.

I wonder how many of you feel the same way as I do about life, why don’t you write me a statement or story; I would like to know much of your life. I thank you for reading some of my writings writing helps me to be a little more alert. And I need all the help I can get.

 God bless America and God bless Renaissance. ---John Davidson

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Have you ever just prayed and medicated and day dreamed about just how wonderful and beautiful heaven must be. I have spent countless hours nanny times just meditating and wondering how life will be in heaven. S it in your wildest dream vision how and what heaven is like living there or in to eternity. I thank about it a whole lot. The bible is sorted a vague about living about daily activities. I know that some of the streets will be paved with gold. I know that there will pearly gates, I know there will be castles for some who will desire to live in them, I prefer a common home or a log cabin on a dirt road. The gold and pearly gates a large castle does not impress me very much.

What does impress me is I know that Jesus is there and I am looking forward to neat him face to face and sit down with him, I have so. Many questions to ask him. I know that I will know and recognize all my love ones that have gone there before me. I do not know, but I believe that all now have a spiritual body until the day of the rapture when they and us will have a Glorified body.

I believe life in heaven is now and will be for eternity is very slow and relaxed , more like the early life was on earth. We want or need all the modern convience that we  all abuse ever day. 

               The bible tells us that there will be no pain no sickness no worry no fussing no feuding no cussing no fighting. Will there be some work for us to perform, what will we eat, will we have to grow our own food or will Jesus just serve us with mania ever morning us.

I believe there will be animals there I believe they will all be tamed I believe that big lions will lay down with baby lambs. I doubt that there will be any kind of machinery there because that would be a hazard situation cause injury. I bereave that most people will have a vegetable garden and a beautiful flower garden. If we have a little farm I believe that it will be cultivated with the old mule pulling the old hill beam plow. I believe that heaven will go back to the old style living. Will be very quite very little loud noise the loudest noise you hear the thunder when Jesus gives us rain to water the gardens. I believe there will be beautiful small rivers and creaks for fishing I believe fishing will be like John and Peter used their nets. I am planning to look up John Peter and Andrew to take me fishing.

I do not know if there will be over crowded doctors in heaven because we want need them in heaven and here on earth they killed about as many that they saved in their practice. We want need any lawyers and thank God we want need any pollutions in heaven.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

                                My Introduction To Jesus

I would like to introduce you to a very good friend of mind. I met him many years ago at a country church. It was in a revival at this country church. It was one of those revivals that lasted all week long, I mean it was an eight-day revival that begin on Sunday morning and lasted until thru the next Sunday night.

I had sat in about the third pew from the back of the church. I believe it was about Friday night. This  was where I usually sat. I had been sitting on this same pew all week long. This elderly person had been sitting on this same pew all week long. But he had not said any thing to me nor had I said anything to him. I did not know him and my Mother always told me not to talk with strangers unless they spoke to me first. This man looked a little different to me. He had a slight beard and his hair was longer then most people wore their hair at that time. I thought to my self that this man was very well groomed, even thou he had a beard and long hair. When he looked at me he would smile and he winked  to me. You could tell that he was a kind gentle and loving person.

In my timid boyish nature I felt that I would like to meet this man. But since my Mother had taught me not to start a conversation with adults or strangers, I knew better to disobey her. It was in the invitation that was given at the end of the service. I could not contain my self any longer. I noticed that my knuckles were turning blue where I gripped on the pew before me. This elderly man reached over and put his hand on top of my hand, and winked to me again, and smiled to me. I knew then that I had the courage to release my grip from the pew and move forward and go surrender my heart to Jesus, and tell him I want him to be my Lord and Savior. It was a glorious feeling. It was like a hundred pound of burdens had been removed from my shoulders. On top of all that, my young brother had been sitting on behind me in the church. By the time that I had gotten to the alter, my young brother had followed me to the minister, and he surrendered his heart to God also. My Mother and Dad and the rest of my family were attending the service. You can imagine what kind of celebration that we had around the alter.

After the service was over, I went out side and looked for the elderly man, but he was no where to be found. While walking home with my family, I ask my Dad if he knew the elderly man that sat with me in church. He grinned at me and said did you not meet him. I answered to him and said, well no, not really, he put his hand on my hand and he winked to me and smiled to me. But no one formally introduced us to each other.  He said, I believe you will meet him many times again and again. He said he is a man  that will be the closest and best friend that you will ever have on this earth. He said yes, I know him, his name is Jesus Christ. He is the person that you just committed your life to him and promised to serve him the rest of your life.

Dear Jesus I thank you for that night that you sat with me and gave me the strength and courage to move me in to your holy spirit, and give me eternal life. I know dear Jesus that I have not always been true to you and your will for me. I apologize to you and ask for your forgiveness. Dear God that was about sixty- five years ago since that wonderful night. I know dear God that I have not been a model Christian that you expected of me. But dear God I have kept my faith in you, I love and worship you. There have been times that I was disobedient to your will, and sinned against you.

Now dear God I can say that within the past fifteen years that I have been obedient to your will, I have served you, I have displayed my love to you, I have picked up your cross and followed you. I know that I am a child of yours. I feel continent, joy, love and happiness in my heart. I know when I die that I will go to heaven. Thank you dear God for the many blessings that you have bestowed on me and my family.

This is a prayer story, it is partially a story of the night of my conversion, and it is partially my testimony. Of course the character that sat with me is imaginary. Hope you enjoy my story.

                                                 John Davidson              

Well it is about time for us to elect a new leader of some one to represent us in America. We have not had any one to lead us within the last 16 years.  I have prayed for the last four elections that that god would be involve in the selecting the best person to serve us. I believed that he has given us the choice just like he did while he was on the cross, he gave us the choice to receive him as our lord and savior or you can receive the old devil Satin.

The United States is more sinful then Sodium and Gomorra I wonder if you can find 10 righteous people in the United States. We are in war among our own people. There is no person on earth that can fix that; this is a job that Jesus Christ can only fix.

I here by make a motion that who ever is elected president that the first order of business that the congress will pass a resolution that the president or the vice president will recite a short prayer to America. This prayer will be broadcast on ever channel in the nation, this prayer will be prayed at 9.00 AM in each time zome.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


I climbed up on top of   the chicken house and fell down on my knees; I liked to have killed my self of laughing when I saw the turkey sneeze, Shakespeare.

Bumble bumble  bumblebee please do not put your sting on me, if you do it will make me cry then I will wish you to die.---Snakeshit

As I was thanking about this it reminded me of an experience that occurred with me when I was about 16 years old. My good friend ask me to be his chauffer on a big date that he wanted to impress his date that he was a cool cat about town. He further agreed to get me a date with his sister and I agreed so we went off to a movie, which was about 23 miles away. But to impress our dates we wanted to go to a fancy café and had a fancy dinner and when we received our check it was much more then we expected and we pooled our money and we did not have enough money to cover the bill and He excuse him self and he went to the manger and explained to him that we had had got carried away trying to impress our dates and we had over extended our finances and if he could extend us credit for the balance and we would bring him the balance with interest and he stated that he was not allowed to do that he had strong orders from the owner he would be fired but he stated that he was short of help tonight and he would let us wash dirty dishes to pay the balance. We understood his situation and we agreed to his proposal and we went told our dates what we had to do to our dates and explain our situation to them and they even volunteered to help us the four of us spent the next three hours washing dishes. The four of us along with the manger spent the three hours kidding and laughing over about our predicament. That is one of the best dates that I still remember.

I guess that we impressed our dates pretty good because I dated his sister many times and my friend married his date. Tell me about your first date and I would like to read it---John Davidson                                       

Friday, July 8, 2016

Rocking chairs

Gracious God I come to you in the name of my savior Jesus Christ thru your Holy Spirit. I come thanking you for the many wonderful blessings that you have given to me this day. Thisis the day that you have made so let us rejoice and be glad in it. Thank you for the privilege that you allowed me to walk with you today. Thank you dear God for letting me carry your cross and I hope that I carried it according to your will for me. I love you dear Jesus and I do not want to do any thing displeasing to you.

After lunch my good friend Sam Freeman and I go to the rocking chairs in the car port and spend considerable time rocking and enjoying the wonderful breeze that flows thru the car port. We are both hard hearing we do not disturb others with our loud voice. We discuss many subjects I do not believe that that there is any subject we have not discussed.

How good is your day been, John Davidson

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Gracious God, My heavenly Father I humble myself before you and ask for your divine leadership and help, I seam to have developed some of Satan demon ship, in some of my attitude and actions. You know that I have many adversities and I have been able to control them with your help and be happy and joyful most of the time, but in recently months I have let them get the best of me, I find my self-being crabby, critical, being short fuse talking with people not wanting to be with people, staying in my room too much by my self. I notice that people ignore me and I ignore them as well. I do not seam to have ambition to do hardly anything. I spend much time working on the computer and listening to television, I write lots of spiritual things on the computer. I spend much time on the computer studying the bible. My most joyful time each day is working on the computer. I cuss at the people on television; especially the pretty women that cannot talk and they read their script so fast you cannot understand them. Dear God you know how frustration it is for me that I can not see and can not hear and have problems trying to find the words that I need in trying to carry on a conversation with others. I always think of the apostle Paul that he prayed for healing of his affliction and the Lord told him that he had sufficient grace to endure, so I know that my lord has given me sufficient grace to endure, so I will depend on God to help me and sustain me.        

I don’t want to say that I am unhappy, but I know that I am not completely happy either, I believe that I am a little depressed, I am bored to death. Now dear God that I have analysis myself and have written some of my problems down with pen and ink, I will now pick up my self by the boot straps and conquer my sinful ways with the help of my lord and the Holy Spirit.

This document was written a few years back in time but some time I feel a little depression, but I can pray and ask god to lift me up. July 7, 2016

John Davidson

Monday, July 4, 2016

4th. July prayer 2016

Dear Jesus this is my 4th July independence day prayer for year of 2016. Thank God and all the military comrades that have given their lives so that we enjoy the freedom they give to us Americans.

When I thank of Independence Day or 4th. July day I always thank about three of my good friends playmates that give their life for our freedom ever day. I knew all the families of these three families and how much hurt they suffered.

We here at Renaissance have been wearing something RED for several years ever Friday to show support and honor to troops and veterans. We are a Christian family here and we love every one and pray for them daily.

John Davidson