Saturday, August 18, 2012

A fool on the dance floor

----- Original Message ----- From: John Davidson To: Raymond Philpot Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 2:50 PM Subject: Fw: A FOOL On The Dance Floor ----- Original Message ----- From: John Davidson To: Amanda Davidson ; greg Davidson Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 12:00 AM Subject: A FOOL On The Dance Floor Thought For Today A Fool On The Dance Floor How you like my old rocking chair, I love rocking in the old rocking chair it is so soothing and relaxing to just sit back rocking away all your blues away, if you have any blues, I have very little blues to contend with. Do you rambler how you rocked your babies to sleep so many times. I rocked all three my children and sang to them as well I was not very good but they did not seam to know that I was singing off key, they just suckled to me and went to sleep. I still love to rock; I spend many hours during the summer months rocking and singing if there is no one around to hear me. We have five large rocking chairs in our entrance in our nice carport and we have planted twenty pots of beautiful flowers and the lord has let them grow to help beautify the entrance and with a little help from me watering them they are Georges. What a blessings it is and the great privilege it is to be able to sit there and rock and meditate and talk with my lord savior. It just never gets any better then that. If you want to know what happiness is all about just get your self a rocking chair and plant your self a few pots of flowers and start rocking away. How wonderful it is to come out and start rocking away and tune in to my savior and meditate over what life has been for me some time put in a good gospel tape some time it makes me want to shake a leg. I knew it was a good therapy for me but I did not know that there were so many health benefits for others. I decided to do some research about the health benefits and I found thru their studies there is many health benefits in rocking. The study reveals that it does help patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia it relaxes them soothes their nerves it calms them down. It is found that children and adults as well that suffers with attention deflects hyperactivity disorder. (ADHD) and ADD is able to focus better when rocking in rocking chair. There are many other ailments and conditions that are helped when rocking. Back injuries and pain, arthritis, leg and knee pain, it helps to strengthen leg nerves and relaxes your old feeble mind. So why don’t you start rocking and feel young again, that is what I am doing. I have many afflictions blind in one eye and about two thirds in the other. I am death and can only have a conversation with one person at a time, get in a group I am out of it. I never get hungry for food and I have to force water down but I am hungry and thirsty for the word of God, I spend several hours each day reading the bible on the computer with large print, and high macnifing light I have computer program made by a deceased minister that he spent five years making tapes explaining the complete bible, I love listening to his explanation of the bible. I have a few other affiliations that I will not go in to because I do not believe that any of you are a doctor. Now I know that none of you are interested in my health and ailments but I thought that I would tell you some of my ailments because I am afraid that some of you may have thought that I was unsociably and unfriendly because I stay by my self so much. I really love to party and talk and have fun in all activities and participate all functions, just like today Judy came over to entertain us by singing to us and she is very good but my feet just wouldn’t stay quiet and so I got up and made a fool of my self like I usually do and I got my foot caught in Philpot’s wheel chair and I fell to the floor and pulled my partner down on top of me and neither of us was injured. There is nothing worse then an old man makes a fool of him self on the dance floor unless it is an old fool sitting on their can and do nothing. GOD BLESS AMERICA---IN GOD WE TRUST--- Give Me Liberty or give me death===Patrick Henry 1775 John Davidson

Friday, August 17, 2012

John Dennis Achivements

John Dennis Achiveme John Dennis Davidson—(SNOOPY) This is an overdue document that I have been planning to write for several months. It is sometimes rare that an old Grand Pa can write such a high complementary document about his Grand son- John Dennis (Snoopy) Davidson. I feel that it is my privilege and honor and obligation to claim bragging rights to tell the world about him and his wonderful achievements at this time. He has been so wonderful blessed by his Lord. I have been blessed with seven beautiful wonderful grand children and two great grand children and they are one year old and they are precious. As I say that it just don’t get any better then that, Thank The Lord. Please read his achievements at this time. Here are the highlights of John’s soccer career: Rome High School · Named to the all area team all 4 years · Region Player of the Year his junior and senior year · received the most valuable offensive player award all 4 years ·Had his jersey retired at Rome High; the first soccer player to receive that honor · named the Gatorade Player of the Year for the state of Georgia for 2011. · named to the ESPN All American team · Named to the ESPN All American Academic team · Received Freshmen Academic Achievement Award from South Carolina last year · Given the prestigious Conference USA Commissioner’s Academic Medal for his freshmen year at South Carolina, awarded to those student-athletes who achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or better for the year. He has had a great career so far, and even better he is a fine young man. Written by John Davidson-grand PA nts

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Prayer Today

My Prayer Today Gracious God my heavenly father I Neal before you this evening I come praising your name and to tell you that I love you. I thank you for another wonderful beautiful day, ever day to me is a wonderful day because they are days that you hath made so let us rejoice and be glad in it. Some days are better then some other days but and it is because of my poor depressed attitude. I know that it is wrong for me to let Satin enter in to my heart and soul and create a bad attitude and I am working hard to talking to god to help me conquer this sin. It is because my weak faith that I let temptation to enter in to my mind and cause me commits sin. I continue to pray that God will help me to grow in faith until I have as much faith as an mustard seed, then I will have enough power that I can conquer all the mountains in my life. Thank you dear God for the helper Holy Spirit that you have given to me to help me in so many ways ever day and night he leads me and guides me in ever thing that I do. He especially helps me in my little writings, just like this little prayer. Thank you dear Jesus you are my lord, you are my savior, you are my redeemer; life here on earth would not be worth living without your presents with us. I thank you for the privilege to have our conversations every day you can make me feel so good after talking to you. AMEN---AMEN GOD BLESS AMERICA---IN GOD WE TRUST---LET LIBERTY RING FOR AMERICA

No evil spirits in my life

Thought For Today No Evil In My Life No evil or accident will happen to me. Neither shall any sickness come near me. God has given His angels charge over me to always keep me safe. (Psalm 91:10-11) My girding angel is hovering over night and me all day long, the devil cannot touch me, and I am wearing the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit. Jesus Christ has conquered the devil on the cross. I fear no evil for you are with me Lord. (Psalm 23:4) Evil spirits or sickness is forbidden to enter into my body, for the Holy Spirit dwells within my soul. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4) Greater is the Holy Spirit that he lives in me because he is greater then the whole world. GOD BLESS AMERICA---IN GOD WE TRUST Let freedom ring in AMERICA

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Thought For Today Temptetion Have you ever been temped to do something wrong I know that you have because we all are temped by temptation ever day of our lives. The question is how do we cope with the temptation that comes before us. Do we fall in to the trap of temptation, I am afraid that I somtime fall in to the temptation because my spirit is strong but my flesh is weak, so I have to pray to my savior Jesus Christ that he forgives me. When Jesus was temped by the devil in the wilderness, Jesus just quoted scripture to him and the devil could not phase him and the Devil vanished away from him. What do you do when the devil aproaches with you with his many temptations. The devil the world and even within ourown hearts are full of all kind of temptations, so maybe we should do what Jesus did and quote scripture to the devil. Or you can do what I do I just acklowledge it to God and ask him to forgige me. Meaning of temptation desire for something bad: a desire or craving for something, especially something considered wrong incitement of desire: the incitement of desire or craving in somebody cause of desire: somebody or something that tempts somebody GOD BLESS AMERICAp---IN GOD WE TRUST