Saturday, June 5, 2010

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This Is My Thought Today Thursday April 29th 2010.
There Is Only One Way To Heaven.

I feel so inferno and untrained to write about this subject, I think that I should let the more knowledgeable and learned people tell these important messages. But I have the great desire to tell it in my simple way the way I understand it and how god reveals it to me. As I have stated before in my assai before it all starts at the cross. If you haven’t gone to the cross then this will not do much for you. I have been studying the chapter 14th of John and it is such an interesting chapter, I highly recommend it to any one that has not studied it before.

Jesus talking to the disciples and talking to all mankind as well and especially to me, don’t let your heart be troubled, believe in god, believe also in me. In the scriptures he is telling us that he is god in flesh here on earth. He is telling us do not be troubled because he has prepared a way for us to have hope for eternal life in heaven. He is also telling us do not let your heart be troubled with wordily problems because he will give us a helper to help us in trying times.

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