Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week of Christmas

It is one week that we will celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, we call it Christmas that is ok for me but I prefer to call it the Lords birthday even thou we do not know the actual day he was born but what is so important we do know that he was born to us on earth thru the HOLY SPIRIT. Tonight I was reminiscent over previous years that I was very activity in celebrating Christmas the Lords day. I helped organize Christmas parades on several years, in 1997 I Was the Honcho quarterback put on the largest parade that the town had ever had in previous years. Some told me that I over worked my self in to a stroke in that month; I do not think that had any thing about having a stroke. I constructed activities sense on the Hornsby parking lot and the Horbnsy by family helped decorated it, we did that several years. My brother in law Joe Chastise was a perfect size and beard and hair audit we would walk the street in town and give candy to the pedestrians walking by, we would visit the nursing home as well. John Davidson

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