Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guarding Angels

Your task of performance and obligations

The first person you see and come in contact I ask you to give that person the biggest smile that you have ever seen, I do not care if it is your wife or your husband your son or your daughter, your brother or your sister or a complete stranger or even if it is your boss. I want you to say to them have a wonderful day, may God bless you. I do not thank that should not offend any one.

Next I want you to take at least 3-minutes praying to God for a goods night rest, for all your wonderful blessings, praying that he will watch over and guide you and your family for all your needs. I pray that you will include me in your short prayer, because I will be praying for each of you while you are praying for me. I know that the most of you spend several minutes each ever day any way. This is my little experiment of mine write me a note and tells me if it helped your day any better. John

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