Monday, July 12, 2010

Letter to my pastor

To My Pastor

I have a feeling to share my prayer with you this evening. I pray for you and your family frequently. I want say that I continue you in my prayer every day, but I do pray for you often. I would like to ask you to pray for me and lift my name to God and ask him to bless me and watch over me and protect me. I believe you have already prayed for me; but if you haven’t, I am asking you now to pray for me. I am asking you to pray to God, that he will save my eyesight.

I have the eye disease called macular degeneration and it has recently gotten worse. I have suffered several adversities over the years but God has given me the grace to endure them. This is troubling me severely. I have prayed very hard to God that he will let me retain my eyesight. I have ask him to let me keep my sight so that I can read and study his word. Within the past years I have become so hungry for his word. I thirst to learn more about Jesus.

My special past time now is reading and studying the bible and learning about God and Jesus. I cannot imagine what life will be like not being able to see. I believe God will answer my prayer. I am a great believer of miracles. I believe that I have been a miracle child of God ever since my birth, only weighing about two pounds. I will appreciate your prayers for me. I will continue to pray for you and your family. I am praying for our church, our town, and our community. I am praying for all the programs that are being carried on in our church. I pray for the workers and leaders. I pray especially for the witnessing program, the tape ministry. I pray for our coming bible school. I pray we will have a revival in October in Goodwater. I pray this prayer in the name of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN AMEN
John L. Davidson

This is a prayer that I sent to you many moons before. Probably back in 2003, but I can’t remember when. I still remember you and your family and the church family. I continue to pray for all you frequently. I enjoyed talking with you the other week, when I was down checking on my home. Tell all I said Hi.

This is July 10, 2010, I just come across this old prayer and I thought that I would update it, I do not thank that a prayer gets out of date, just like the word of God does not get out of date. I have a computer full of old prayers, spiritual documents, and scribbling, I am planning to print them out and put them in to a book of Johns scribbling. By the way thru the grace of God that I can still see well enough with a magnifying glass to write these little scribbling notes. How wonderfully my Lord is blessing me. God Bless AMERICA, pray for our sick nation.


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