Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thought Wednesday February 9-2011

Thought For Today


Let us talk about prayers, exactly what is prayer, prayer is talking directly to god, just you and God having a private conversation. The scripture states that God hears every prayer. The scripture further states that if you are a believer and you ask in the name if Jesus Christ it will be given to you. Where are we in our prayer life are we hidden in the bushes and naked. I think the first prayer in the bible was between Adam and God, was when God walking in the garden of Eve and God hollered to Adam where are you. Adam then realizes that they were naked and had sinned. Are we hiding in the bushes and do not realize that we need Gods forgiveness of our sins ever day.

The scripture tells us to go into the closet and close the door and pray to god, I believe the scripture was telling us to let our prayer be private between me and god and erase all other thought from our minds and just focus our mind on God. I like to hear a good oral public prayer but I hope it is a sincere prayer and not hunt pretty words and phrases like the Pharisees. I used to pray in public for many year but in thanking back I never did feel completely comfortable in praying in public, I never did really know what to pray for, it seams that we had a memorize statement that we recited. I now just go in to the closet and shut the door and talked to my God all by my self.

DO NO forget to wear something RED On Friday to honor and show support for troops, and say a little prayer for our troops and while you are at it say a little prayer for me.--John

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