Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Spiritual Seatement

My Statement For Today

This is a statement that I wrote last year and it is a little bit lengthy but maybe some of you have the time to read it.

A spiritual Statement- Assai

February 4; 2010

Thanks to Dear God, for a wonderful night of sleep and rest I just woke up thanking about how short life is, I was thanking that I am going to be eighty -eight years old next week Feb. 12th. and it seams that I have just gotten grown and begin to really learn how to live. I do not mean that my life was wasted or was unhappy, I was reasonably happy working hard was reasonably successfully, raised a wonderful family, I have professed to be a Christian the most of my life. It seams that for the first sixty- seven years that I was too busy working, raising a family, and doing all the things that a good citizen should do. I guess that I conducted my self in a sophisticated dignified manner.

It was about the year of 1989, when I was at age of sixty-seven years old that I decided to retire from public works and I begin to let my hair down and begin to spend time with friends and doing things for the town and community, and the church and had more time to read the bible and study the word of God and the more that I read and studied, it made me thirst and hunger to learn more about God and my savior Jesus Christ. I still have that great burning desire to learn more about God and Jesus each day.

So now that I have approached old advanced age and I know that it is getting closer to the time that I will be going to live in heaven and I have just now learned how to live on earth. Boy, life is so short here on earth, but life in heaven or hell is long, it is for eternity and everyone is going to spend eternity in either heaven or hell, it is our choice, and I choose heaven. That is the reason that I spend considerable time reading and studying Gods word so I make sure that I will be prepared and go to heaven.

God loves us and he wants us to come live with him in heaven and spend eternity with him in heaven, but we must be obedient to his will. The bible teaches us how we can be obedient to his will and thru his loving grace we can enter into heaven when we die. This is some of the things that I believe and practice each day to help me prepare my self to go to heaven.

I have been a Christian every since I accepted and received Jesus as my savior way back in around the year of 1937, or 38, but there has been times that I was not living within his will for me. There was a period of time during the world war (2), years that I was disobedient to him and did not really trust him, as I should have. I swayed away from him in my relationship with him. I prayed to him when I needed him, I loved him, I kept my faith in him, I was not serving him as I should have, O God for give me for my disobedient to you, I repent every day for all of my sins.

This I believe:

I believe the bible is true and is the inspired word of God. I believe in the trinity that God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are all the same, but with different nature. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and his mother Mary, was conceived by the Holy Spirit. I believed that God humbled himself and took on flesh and lived here on earth as the Son of God. I believe that Jesus was crucified and died on the cross for my sins. I know that Jesus was resurrection and ascended in to heaven and lives with God in heaven. I know that there is the only way to go to heaven is to go thru Jesus Christ. I know if you will believe in the name of Jesus Christ, and confess your sins and being born again, and call in the name of Jesus you will be saved. —John Davidson

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