Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 Update Statement My Toast to Raymond Philpot Toast To My Good Friend Raymond Philpot On His 100th Birthday. I raise my glass to you today to honor you on your 100th birthday. This glass is filled with clear pure living water. I know that is the only kind of drink that you have drank all your life, it must have been living water because it looks like you are going to spend eternity here on earth. I will be looking forward to celebrate your next one-hundredth birthday. I seam to be growing older at age 90 and you seam to be growing younger at 100, I am trying to discover your secret. Raymond I met you here at Renaissance back in year of 2004 and you and Hazel were about the first two people that I got acquainted with and we have been real close friends ever since then. I discovered you to be a unique different type person. I observed that you were a person that wanted to be happy, contend person that wanted to have joy and fun at all cost. I discovered that you like to talk about any subject that I could bring up. I discovered that you thought that you were authority over ever subject and that you could tell the same story in twenty different versions and we would believe every one of them. I discovered Raymond, that you were a devout Christian and that you lived by the cross and you wanted every one to know it. I too am a Jesus Christ cross bearer as well, Raymond, I admire ever person that loves and serves our lord Jesus Christ. Tank’s Raymond, thanks for being my good friend and buddies for the past seven and half years here at Renaissance. When I came here in year of 2004, I was so hesitant to come here to live, and I knew that it was going to be a different style of living that I had never experienced. I found many good friends here that befriended me, and that helped me to adjust, especially you and Hazel. You and I became close friends right away and we have been very close ever since. I told you that you are a nuneigh man almost strange in a good way. I have had many close friends thru out my life, but Raymond, there are none that have surpassed our relationship together. We have shared many of our life experiences; we shared many of our family secrets, lot of our happy and funny events. Many of our hardships that we, we endured, we prayed together, we even cried together. Raymond this is not just my feeling love and respect of you everyone here at Renaissance will say AMEN to this statement. Your Old Alabama Friend-- John Davidson

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