Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fathers Day Prayer Heavenly Father, when I start thanking of or about my earthly Father I start thanking of you dear God, because you are my earthly and heavenly father and you will be my eternal father in heaven. With out you there would not have been a fleshable father and I would not be here. I thank you dear God for being my eternal Father and I thank you for my wonderful earthly Father that you give to me. My earthly Father was mot a large man in size but he had a heart of gold. He was not a highly school educated Father but he had wisdom as a genius, he loved his heavenly Father, and he loved his family and he taught us right from wrong, he displayed his Christianity before his whole world. I know that he installed that wisdom in me that I could pass that Christianity on to my family. I thank you dear God for your wisdom that you have passed on to my family and me. I am so grateful dear God that I feel that I have been a good Father and I feel that I am passing this knowledge on to my children, and that they will pass that on to their children. Dear God I have made many mistakes, I am certainly not perfect, but I do want to be a good Father, I want to be a good Christian child of yours. I praise your name dear God for letting me being a Father on this earth of yours. Have a wonderful Fathers Day Children; I love you all very much. --- Your Dad

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