Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmaas norning story

Another catosphe in John’s apartment

Gracious God and my heavenly Father I come to you this morning on this Christmas morning and thanking you for a wonderful nights rest and while laying in my bed and mediation on what the day will be in store for me, I knew that I was going to my sons home for visit with them and I had cooked a nice pot roast to take over to them to help with dinner, O course they did not want me to do that, but I always like to do a little something. Any way it was just a few minutes past the four hour when I hear the alarm going full blast and I laid there for a few minutes and thanking that surely that they are not going to a have a fire alarm drill at four O’clock on Christmas morning, but I decided that I would put on my robe and go check it out. I started walking down the hall way and I noticed that the alarm must have stopped so I turned back and enter back in to my room and the alarm was still going full blast again.

Then I got down on my knees and was sniffing like a little puppy dog and trying to see if there was any thing that was setting the alarm off, You know that I can not see very well and I thought that the room looked like it was full of smoke and I knew that I had not had the stove on but I went over put my hand on each eyes to see if they were not hot, so I could not find any thing was setting the alarm in action. I finally punched that little button that most everyone that wears around their neck to alert a care taker and I did not know if it would work because that is the first time that I had ever picked it up or ever used it in within the past five years that I have been here.

After a few minutes no one arrived so I started to the main floor and then I met Barber coming off of the elevator the care taker coming to me rescue and I ask her if she herd my security alarm and she stated that she did and that made me feel good that some one could come to my rescue in an emergency, she came in and ask me what I had done to set the alarm off she ask me if I had been smoking in my apartment, I told her that I had been smoking a cigar but I did not thank that would have set the alarm off. Course we both were kidding about the smoking thing. She examined the alarm and she notice that the roof had been that the ceiling was dripping wet around the alarm and we determined that was the problem, she called another care taker and the tried to disconnect the alarm and to remove the battery and then they found that it was not worked with battery that it is powered with electricity and I cautioned them that if they were not an electrician that they should leave it along and I suggested that they should reported to some one that I am no electrician and that it may could get wet and art it may could cause a fire.

They said that they called Gary our maintained man and I guess he told them that there was no danger that he would check it later, any way we did or I did what I should have done as an renter of a facility should have done.

Any way do you have a better Christmas story then that you have just read? By the way it is now 10:40 AM and the alarm is still going full blast and I have the bedroom closed and I have been sitting here at my computer writing this true story. What a way to start my eighty- seven Christmas celebration, what a blessing that ---John Davidson

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