Friday, December 25, 2009

Hillwood Story

Story of Hillwood Town

This is a story about a sawmill town that originated in the year of 1931, and was dissolved in the year of 1947. This town was located in Alabama in the western part of Coosa County, about twenty miles west of Rockford, Alabama, which was the county seat of Coosa County. It was also about twenty-three miles south of Sylacauga, Alabama, which was the railroad we used for shipping our material to destinations. It was one mile south of the Mount Moriah School and church.
This town sat within about 45,000 acres of original long leaf pine virgin timber and huge hardwood timber. The terrain of this plat of timber was tremendous large mountains and valleys. The size of the town would measure about one and half miles square. The name of the town was Hillwood, and the name of the company was named Ralph Lumber Company. I estimate that the average of employment all departments to be about 200- plus in most any particular time. Employees, consisting about half white and half black people I estimate the population to be around five or six hundred, consisting of about half white and half black. We had white and black quarters separated in town white on west side and black on east side.

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