Monday, December 28, 2009

My document of "TAPS"

September 23,2008

Ladies and gentlemen fellow Americans our nation is in a terrible mess. They may play “TAPS” for our fallen nation on November 4th. If we do not pray and ask for Gods direction and leadership to choose our nation leader. I do not know which one of the candidates will serve our nation according to Gods will. Our nation was founded on the bible principles and the will of God and I believe that we will have to come back to that before our land will be healed.

Neither of these two candidates have inspired me that they are actable to lead our nation in the right direction, but we will have to choose one of them to be our leader. They have been appearing on television for nearly two years and have not told the nation but very little that they will do to help the nation. They have spent the most of their time low rating each other, cussing and fussing at each other. That is not what we need as a leader to lead our sick nation to prosperity.

I wish that I had the authority and means to ask every American to spend at least ten minutes each day during the month Of October praying to God and ask him to lead and guide us to choose the best candidate that will work in the will of God and he will be obedient to Gods leadership for healing our nation.

I believe that if America will humble them selves and pray earnestly about this important election that God will use this candidate that we choose, and God will make him a vessel to heal our nation.

I am not a person of any importance, I am not a politican, I am an old man that has lived in this great nation that we call America and I love it very much. I do not want it to go to hell because we do not have a God fearing leader. I believe another great depression will be the ruins of this great nation. I am a devout Christian and I am going to pray earnestly that God will intervene into our minds and souls and lead and guide us to choose the best candidate according to his will for us.

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