Monday, August 9, 2010

At The Cross

At the cross, at the cross, how long has it been since you been to the cross, what did you see there, did you see Jesus there, was he hanging on the old rugged cross, was he bleeding, was there blood and water flowing from his side where they pierced his side with a spear, did he have a crown of thorns on his head where they shoved a crown on his head causing his head to bleed, was there large nails showing on both hand and feet and all bleeding where they nailed him too the cross, what did you thank about as you gassed up on him hanging there bleeding there for you.

Did you get down on your knees and tell him thank you dear Jesus that you took my place there, I did. I know that it should have been me hanging there instead you. I know that he loved me so much that he was willing to sacrifice his life so that I could have hope for eternal life in heaven. Did you walk up to the cross and put your hands up on the cross and look up to Jesus and tell him dear Jesus, I am so sorry, I am just another old sinner, I hereby fall to my knees and tell you that I hereby confess all my sins to you and ask you dear Jesus please forgive me for my sins, I will remember you and this day ever day for the rest of my life, remembering what you did for me, how much you loved me. I accept you being my savior, my redeemer; I will praise your name to everyone that will listen.

I frequently almost constantly visit the cross every night or day you see I keep several wooden crosses displayed around in my apartment to help remind me the Jesus died for me. I have one sitting on top of my television another one on top of my computer. I spend the most of my time sitting in front the computer or television ever day, I see these crosses almost constantly and that reminds me of Jesus, and that frequently that prompts me to say a little prayer all thru the day. Some may call me a fanatic and maybe I am, I do not know what a fanatic is, if worshiping God is a fanatic then I am a full-blown fanatic. Have a good day.

John Davidson

P/S—I may be imposing on your freedom by sending you some of my emails scribbling I sure do not want to do that, I do like to share some of my scribbling, so if you will email me and tell me not to send you any more then I will remove your name from my address book.

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