Monday, August 9, 2010

Page Tw0 Statement Of The Cross

Page two statement of the Cross-.

As I sat here tonight and thinking about what am I going to write about? Well as I reminisce about my article yesterday about the cross and I received many responding emails telling me they enjoyed my article and to keep sharing with them and that encouraged me to keep sharing with family and friends and neighbors and if I have any enemies they can read them as well. There is about 100 occupants living here and ever since I have been here for the last five years and 10 months I have been sharing devotions taken from my computer and some of my written scribbling there as well, and many tell me they have read them. I have a space on the magazine rack to place them.

I do not worship the old wooden rugged cross but I love it, I respect it, I honor it, because that is where my savior Jesus Christ died for me. I remember talking with my pastor brother Joe one time after he had preached about the cross and I remarked to him that I thought that ever sermon should have the cross-mentioned at least five times in every sermon. The cross is one of my communions, just like the bread and wines the remembrance of my savior. Many of my friends of Goodwater may remember that Speck Sprayberry and my self built three large crosses and with the help of William Harrell and bro Joe we planted them in front of Baptist church.

Some may remember that I made many crosses and gave them to my friends. I also had A 10 ft cross in my front yard and I used to tell people if you need to find my home just look for the cross in my yard. A little funny story of the cross in my front yard after I begin to need a little help in mowing my big yard and I had a black man helping me to mow. Any way as I was sitting out in the shade of the large sweet- gum tree, just watching and admiring his work and I thought that he was taking particular pains to mow around the cross with the running lawn mower, I motioned to him and called him over to me and I told him that I noticed that you were very careful not to damage my cross, and I ask him what was his thoughts as he was mowing around the cross and he stated that he did not have any thoughts that he was just trying to do a good job. I then ask him did he realize that was the cross he was mowing around and he said that he was just doing his work. I then ask him now that you know that was a cross what comes to your mind and he hesitated a little and said I don’t know I guess the Ku-cluck clan.

I then spent the next forty five minutes telling him the story of the cross and Jesus and I do not know if it soaked in to his ignorant mind, but this simple minded person did the best he could of telling him the story of the cross and Jesus and if there is any one who is ignorant about the cross or Jesus this simple minded person will be glad to tell it to you. I wonder how many people see the cross and just thanks about the KU-Cluck Clan, instead of Jesus Christ.
God help us.

IN GOD WE TRUST---John Davidson

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