Monday, August 9, 2010

A Statement Of Fact

A Statement Of Fact

God Bless America, in God we trust, what a privilege it is to live in America, what a privilege it is to live in a retirement home and assisted living facility in Rome Georgia, named Renaissance. I came here in October 2004, to see if I could change my life style of living with other people, I came here on the insistence and persuading of my children, they believed and realize that I had a few adversities that it was getting unsafe for me to live by my self. I came here with the plan and intention to try it for three months and see if I could adjust to another style of living. After living here for the three months I came to the conclusion that with the help of God that I could be content and happy anywhere, if I walked with my savior Jesus Christ.

I found the people living here to be so genteel in nature, so kind, so loving; I just fell in love with them. Now that I have lived here for nearly six years I call it home. I hereby encourage people that may read this statement that is in retirement status and has a few adversities and feel that it is time for them to seek a retirement home, I highly recommend you to check out the Renaissance facility for your retirement home.


JOHN D Davidson

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