Saturday, July 7, 2012

May I pray Gracious God I come to you this morning in the name of my savior Jesus Chris. I come thanking you for the many blessings that you have given to my family and me. I have a great desire 0f feeling that I want to lift of all my friends and neighbors and my family to have a special blessing today, there is so much unhappiness, serious illness untreatable diseases and so many other unrest unhappiness around about us. I know that there are several of my friends that are suffering for incurable diseases that man and doctors cannot cure, but dear God we know that you can cure them if you are willing. I am lifting them up to you and ask if it be your will that you will relieve them of all their pain and discomfort and heal them of the their illness and diseases, I know dear God that you are still in the healing business and I know that you are still performing miracles here on earth. Dear God you know the names of all these people that I am lifting up to you and ask you to please give favor to them and heal and cure them of all their illness and diseases, I thank you in advance dear God for this wonderful favor, I love you dear God this prayer was prayed in the name of my savior Jesus Christ. ---AMEN and AMEN John Davidson GOD BLESS AMERICA---IN GOD WE TRUST

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