Thursday, March 19, 2015


An Old Man I am an old man that is doing the very best he can with all his old ailments I am nearly blind can hardly hear thunder I have false teeth that feels like they are made of hard wood they fall out every time I sneeze. I walk with a walking cane and fall down frequently but I just brush my self off and keep on going. I will soon be 93 years old some say they are 93 years young, I try to act like a teenager I try to dance ever time some one will dance with me. Marion Mull and my self shoot pool every evening and some time I win. I like to listen the old music, I despise the new style singing, I can remember hearing my Grand Father calling his hogs that sounded better then they do of this new style music. I am a born again Christian, I am happy and content seldom depressed. I cannot read the bible anymore but I have this person on the computer has put ever chapter and verse and I listen to him daily. Some of my friends tell me I am big lire. It is not true --- John Davidson

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