Sunday, March 29, 2015


Hello old friend I doubt that you remember me, I am John Davidson I am now living in a retirement home in Rome Georgia an have been living here over ten years. You will remember that you and your family helped me put on a couple Christmas in Goodwater in year of 1997 and also you and I along with one of you sons spent a day in the old Hillwood town area and that was a delightful day. I have written a little story about the town and the depression years there. Since you showed much concerned of the town area and COOSA COUNTY, I believe that you would like to preserve the history of Coos County and maybe you will write a story about Coos County in later years when you retire from the corporate world. With the help of Joy and Jeff Cooker whom Joy was the grand daughter of MR> I.R. Anderson who was the owner of the town of Hillwood, we were able to get the story recorded in the Alabama Argues. Terry if you are interest I will send you the Hillwood story that I have written, will need your mailing address. ---John Davidson

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