Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thought For Today March 31st 2011

Thought For Today

Heavenly Father I approach you at the Holy cross this evening thru the Holy Spirit with the permission of Jesus Christ I come to tell you that I love you and thank you for another wonderful day, I pray that I did not say or do any thing that was displeasing to you and that I did not commit any sin against you today and if I did sin then I ask you to forgive me because I am sorry for them. I come thanking you for the wonderful blessing that you have bestowed on my family and me, I feel so unworthy to receive them, but dear God you know how much I appreciate them.

Dear Jesus please teach me how to pray just like you taught the disciples to pray. Some time now as I pray for some of my friends that have grown old and has incurable ailments and suffering from pain, I can not find it in my heart to pray that they will linger here on earth just to satisfy the love ones that is not ready to give them up to our lord. I find it more pleasing in my heart to pray that the sick person will be content in heart and be free from pain and that they are a born again Christian and they are prepared to meet God. That is my desire for myself when my time arrives, and I believe that I have prepared my family to accept my death with more like a farewell party, with a little reminiscing joy rather then much grief, and I believe they will honor my desires at that time comes.

I am living at an assisted living and retirement home and the most of the people living here have reached advance old age and I guess that the most of them came here as I did to live here until I die.
This is the generation that most of us all have lived thru the greatest depression of the thirties and most have experienced hard times and learned to love and respect each other so living up to our traditional up bringing we fall in love with our new friends and we miss them tremendous when they depart to go live with our lord.

I was just sitting here and thanking how many people living here today March 31st that will never see another March 31st again, and I could be one of them, thank about that you may be one of them as well. How I pray that life on earth would be as God intended it to be. I too was thanking how many great men have sacrified their lives for my freedom that I can sit here write this statement to you. I too was thanking how my savior Jesus Christ loved me so much that he scarified his life for my sins. I was thanking how many of you will wear something Red today just to honor and respect and remember what our troops are doing for us every day.

I am wearing something red today especially to honor two of my good friends in my community that gave their lives in world war-2 and ever other person that has worn a uniform of the United States.

Wear something Red today to honor and respect to all troops.


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