Thursday, August 2, 2012


Thought For Today Temptetion Have you ever been temped to do something wrong I know that you have because we all are temped by temptation ever day of our lives. The question is how do we cope with the temptation that comes before us. Do we fall in to the trap of temptation, I am afraid that I somtime fall in to the temptation because my spirit is strong but my flesh is weak, so I have to pray to my savior Jesus Christ that he forgives me. When Jesus was temped by the devil in the wilderness, Jesus just quoted scripture to him and the devil could not phase him and the Devil vanished away from him. What do you do when the devil aproaches with you with his many temptations. The devil the world and even within ourown hearts are full of all kind of temptations, so maybe we should do what Jesus did and quote scripture to the devil. Or you can do what I do I just acklowledge it to God and ask him to forgige me. Meaning of temptation desire for something bad: a desire or craving for something, especially something considered wrong incitement of desire: the incitement of desire or craving in somebody cause of desire: somebody or something that tempts somebody GOD BLESS AMERICAp---IN GOD WE TRUST

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