Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Letter From Heaven

My name is St. Peter and I am the gate keeper here in heaven, and my boss is Jesus Christ and he informed me to send an email from heaven to the president of America and all leaders of America and especially the people and asking what is going on in America we are not getting many saints from earth anymore and especially from America, when we used to get so many we had a hard time processing all of them, but now we sit around with nothing to do, but praise our master, but that is ok for us saints, but our master is pretty well fed up about it.

My master who is Jesus Christ approached me the other day and he ask me did you disciples send my holy book to all parts of the world as I instructed you to do when I came here to heaven, and I told him that we made sure that ever nation would have a copy of it thru their forefathers. I told him that these early Americans were good Christian obedient to your word and they set up a government that did pretty good for many years and later they developed a couple parties they called them one democrats and the other republican and they got in to a religion and their GOD became money, and God they left you out and they left most all American out as well. They put in some people they called them supreme court judges, and that worked good for many years until the old original judges died and we replaced them with the same caliber of people as the democrats and republicans they are supposed to interpret the laws that is good for all Americans but they do not care anything about your laws or any thing that is good for Americans they just make new laws that suits the sinners and the ACLU and ignoring you and American people, Master they are trying to leave your name off of their money. Master they are condemning the Ten Commandments that you and Mosses spent forty days chiseling out in stone, Master if I was still living on earth I would slice off many ears, and you would have to refute me again. Master many Americans made much noise and fusing but the ruling of the so-called Supreme Court should have made all Americans to slice off of all the idiots’ ears.

Master You know all of these things, because you know everything, why are you asking me about these things, and because I wanted you to express this to all the leaders of America and all of Americans as well, that I am about fed up with that sinful nation. So send this email to all of the leaders and all of American and all to the whole world because I have many remedies that I can use to change their attitude and tell them to repent and come back in to my fold and worship me. Remind them about what happen to Sodium and Gloomier and remind them about the big flood.

Let me give you an important tip from your old friend ST. Peter because I know my Master and I love him, and he will do exactly what he tells you he will do, and it will be more then slicing off an ear, so shape up before it is to late.
ST. Peter

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