Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Statement Of Counterfit

The public is now putting out the new one-dollar coins in circulation. These coins do not have the wording ‘IN GOD WE TRUST” on them, I truly encourage you to refuse and reject these coins if they try to give them to you in making change. Tell them that you want a paper one-dollar bill. I consider a coin that does not have the wording’ IN GOD WE TRUST” on them to be counterfeit.

Enough is enough and this is more then enough, I am mad, I am mad enough to fight.
A concerned Christian:

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  1. John, I think that if you look around the edge of the coin,(where it used to be rigged) you will find "In God We Trust", and the mint mark.

    There may have been a few minted without this, but they corrected it.

    Don Bishop