Monday, February 8, 2010

How powerful Is My God

Heavenly Father I come to you this morning thru the Holy Spirit in the name of my savior Jesus Christ. I come praising your name and thanking you for another good nights rest. I come acknowledging to you that I am a weak wicked sinner and I am asking for your wonderful grace and forgive me for all my sins and make me whole. I try hard dear God but within my own self I fall so short of you expect of me, I need your help thru your holy spirit to help me to stay on your path that you have designed for me to follow.

Dear God as I sat here meditation on the words that I want to say to you, I find my self trying to find words that I want to blame you for my sinful ways. I know dear God when you created Adam and Eve and placed them in the beautiful garden, they were free of sin but you gave them choice, so they choused to disobey you and sinned. I know dear God that you gave me choice as well and sometime I disobey your will for me and I fall off your heavenly path and sin.

Dear God I sometime get so depressed and desponded unhappy over the way we act and conduct our selves in your wonderful world that you created for us live in and enjoy. I have only lived here in your wonderful world for a short period of time and I have watched it crumbled and deteriorate like a pile of filthy rags. Forgive me dear God, I am no exception, I am right in there with the rest of the hypocrites.

I try to raise my self above the wicked ways but I find myself falling in to the hog mire with the rest if them. I find myself being very critical of others that does not thank as I do. I know that is one of my many sins that I commit every day.

Dear God how powerful that you are, I marvel over your power over every thing that exist in heaven and earth, I know that you are in complete control of every thing that lives and breathes. I know that you can change any thing in heaven and earth that you so desire. Your holy word tells me that you will give that power to me if I would develop my faith as much as a mustard seed. I am trying to develop my faith to that point as a mustard seed. I want to be like you Jesus, but I do not want to receive the power that you have because dear God I am afraid if I had that kind of power I am afraid that I would pick up this wicked world and cup it in my both hands and shake it like a pair of dice and scatter it in to the place that you have developed for unbelievers called hell.

Dear Jesus I believe that you have a great sense of humor and I believe that you get a little thrill and a little smile when you read some of my prayers, I sometimes get a little carried away talking with you, forgive me dear God if I ever say any thing is displeasing to you.

Dear Jesus I just thought about another little statement that I thought might be a little humorous and I wondered if it was a little too much and I mentioned it to my Holy Spirit and he told me go ahead, Jesus loves humors statements.

What my statement of thought was if I could acquire my faith to you as much as a mustard seed that I would pick up the capital in Washington DC, with all the elected officials within it and dump it in the ocean and let it float it to China. Then as I was writing this statement it occurred to me that will not be necessary because in a few short years the China officials will come on over and ask for the keys of the capital anyway.

Dear God I pray that no one will feel offended by what I write unless they will use it to change some of our horrible situation of our country. Heavenly Father how wonderful and how powerful you are there is no one or any thing that can touch the power that you have, there will never be any one or any thing that will ever over power you, thank you dear God, that you are my God.

Thank you dear God for being my God my savior, my Holy Spirit, thank you for your wonderful grace that enable me to write this little letter. Good night dear God, my savior, my Holy Spirit, have a wonderful nights sleep.
John Davidson

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