Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Dust Doodler Memo-June 7th 2011

I am the old Dust-Doodler please read my blog, I have been putting my Thought of the day on my blog and I have put some of my scribbling on there as well, I have been thanking about putting my Hillwood story on there as well, but it appears that no one reads my blog.

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  1. Uncle Johnny, I would love to read about your Hillwood Story. I think many people get your thought of the day through their email as a result of your postings that generate emails from your list automatically. We are all reading your thoughts for the day and sometimes get wrapped up and busy so may not get to the blogs. Please post your blogs and trust that each of us will read them in time as the Lord moves us and please know that we value your writings and teachings. Love, Mary Agnes