Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In growing Old

In Growing Old

When you reach the age of 70 in life, it is better for you to cash in your chips and prepare to go to the happy hunting ground, because your family has gotten tired of you hanging around and being in their way, you don’t fit in their life style any more. All they want to do is find you a green field pasture and turn you in to fend for your self, O they may throw you a bale of hay ever once in a while but that’s about all. It is so different from what I expected in my old ripe age I had always thought and dreamed of living the life of Riley.

I had always dreamed that I would lay on my hammock in the shade of my beautiful cherry trees in my back yard and watch the world go by. Maybe have a little vegetable garden and a few pretty flowers, work in my wood shop and make little trinkets and give them to my friends, maybe go out and have a nice dinner with a beautiful lady. And then maybe when I get to be 100 years old that I want wake up some morning.

John is just thanking and talking out loud but there is a lot of truth in this statement. It is so different from when we took care of our parents as they got old and could not take care of them selves, we moved them in to our home or we built them a small home in our back yard and took care of them. I believe, I know that my generation the 20th century generation has been more blessed then any other generation since the world has been created. We retire in the green pastures that resemble a heavenly castle with a silver spoon in each of our hands, but we still complain. According to the direction that America is now going our children and our grand children will never enjoy the lifestyle that we are now enjoying.

Our present Government are turning America into a Socialist Government and when they succeed you better be prepared to go live like the people lived in the nineteen century and I do not believe that you are strong enough to do that. Let us all pray that God will hear our prayers and will intervene and give us leaders that will turn to Jesus Christ for help because Jesus is the only one can heal our nation. We will have an opportunity on November 2nd to throw out some the scalawags hypocrites and vote in some people that walks with God.


John Davidson

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