Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thought For Today June 10th 2011

I thought that I would introduce you to the old man that pesters you with my thoughts for the day. The old man does not look very loveable but he loves every one of you. God loves you too, do you know how that I know God loves you and me, because the bible tells us so.
The more you love someone the more important that person is to you. So the fact that God loves you with his whole heart means you are more important to God than you could ever imagine.
Before God forgave us we were all spiritually dead. Scripture affirms that every person on this planet was dead in their sin. You can’t get any deader than dead. God couldn’t say, I prefer her because she’s a little less dead than him.
But through Christ we can be forgiven. When God looks at a forgiven person, he can’t find one sin. When you are forgiven, God can’t find a person on the entire planet, more forgiven than you.
So without Christ we were all equally dead in our sin and in Christ we are all equally forgiven. No Christian is too old, too poor, too uneducated, too stupid, too sick to be gloriously used of God.

Either God can do the impossible through you, or he isn’t God.
Keep telling yourself, ‘There is nothing God cannot do through me.’
Heaven stands on tiptoe waiting to see the astounding things you will achieve for the glory of God. O what an awesome God we have.


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