Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thought For Today June 19th 2011 Fathers Day

Thought For Today

Fathers Day

Gracious God My Heavenly Father I come to you this evening with a thankful heart, I just want to thank you for being so good to me, you seam to provide me with every thing that I need to survive here on this earth. I know that I am not worthy of the wonderful blessings that you give to me ever day. Dear God O how I love them and thank you so much for them. Dear God I know that I complain and criticize about how we have let your beautiful wonderful world become so wicked, forgive us dear god for being so careless and disobedient from your will for us.

You gave us a new nation about five hundred years ago and we started it on your biblical principles and your desires for a wonderful place to live, we then thought that we could do a better job of doing it then you. To tell the truth we all got so greedily and sinful that we have messed it up.

Since this is Fathers Day being dedicated to honor all fathers let us all start acting like real fathers like our fore fathers did in the eighteenth century, they were leaders of family and government they were Christian leaders that loved God and tried to lead this nation according to the will of God, instead of the will of Satin. Heavenly Father please teaches us as Christian fathers to turn your nation back to your leadership, we have completely failed. AMEN

Have a wonderful Fathers Day and pray for Christian leadership for our sick nation, and pray for Christian Fathers. --- John Davidson


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