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Thought For Today June 15th 2011

Thought For Today

John L. Sullivan

I just though that I would give you the person named which that I was named of, read his short story below. Since I was a premature baby and weighed but two-pounds and no one thought that I would live not even my doctor, so he did not put a name on my application for a birth certificate. The doctor would come in every morning and asking how is the great John L. getting along is he still fighting to live. Well now you know, I am in the process of writing my life story, so you will have to read the rest of my story when I print my story.

Sullivan, John Lawrence
Sullivan, John Lawrence, 1858–1918, American boxer, b. Roxbury, Mass. After gaining a local reputation in amateur boxing, the Boston Strong Boy, as Sullivan came to be called, toured New England cities and after 1878 boxed professionally. Sullivan, with a devastating right-handed punch, was successful from the start and in 1882 won the bare-knuckles heavyweight championship by knocking out Paddy Ryan in nine rounds in Mississippi City, Miss. The “Great John L.” met all comers. Sullivan's prowess in the ring and his swashbuckling personality won him many friends and made him the idol of American sports fans. He fought and won the last bare-knuckles championship bout (1889) by subduing Jake Kilrain in 75 rounds at Richburg, Miss. Fighting with gloves under the Queensberry rules for boxing, Sullivan was defeated (1892) by James J. Corbett in New Orleans. He retired from the ring in 1896, still in possession of the bare-knuckles crown. In 1905, Sullivan, dramatically renouncing his old way of life, became a temperance advocate.

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I am sure that no one cares about John L. Sullivan or John L. Davidson either one, but I think they both are very interested, just kidding.


John Davidson

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