Thursday, July 7, 2016

Gracious God, My heavenly Father I humble myself before you and ask for your divine leadership and help, I seam to have developed some of Satan demon ship, in some of my attitude and actions. You know that I have many adversities and I have been able to control them with your help and be happy and joyful most of the time, but in recently months I have let them get the best of me, I find my self-being crabby, critical, being short fuse talking with people not wanting to be with people, staying in my room too much by my self. I notice that people ignore me and I ignore them as well. I do not seam to have ambition to do hardly anything. I spend much time working on the computer and listening to television, I write lots of spiritual things on the computer. I spend much time on the computer studying the bible. My most joyful time each day is working on the computer. I cuss at the people on television; especially the pretty women that cannot talk and they read their script so fast you cannot understand them. Dear God you know how frustration it is for me that I can not see and can not hear and have problems trying to find the words that I need in trying to carry on a conversation with others. I always think of the apostle Paul that he prayed for healing of his affliction and the Lord told him that he had sufficient grace to endure, so I know that my lord has given me sufficient grace to endure, so I will depend on God to help me and sustain me.        

I don’t want to say that I am unhappy, but I know that I am not completely happy either, I believe that I am a little depressed, I am bored to death. Now dear God that I have analysis myself and have written some of my problems down with pen and ink, I will now pick up my self by the boot straps and conquer my sinful ways with the help of my lord and the Holy Spirit.

This document was written a few years back in time but some time I feel a little depression, but I can pray and ask god to lift me up. July 7, 2016

John Davidson

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