Sunday, July 17, 2016


I climbed up on top of   the chicken house and fell down on my knees; I liked to have killed my self of laughing when I saw the turkey sneeze, Shakespeare.

Bumble bumble  bumblebee please do not put your sting on me, if you do it will make me cry then I will wish you to die.---Snakeshit

As I was thanking about this it reminded me of an experience that occurred with me when I was about 16 years old. My good friend ask me to be his chauffer on a big date that he wanted to impress his date that he was a cool cat about town. He further agreed to get me a date with his sister and I agreed so we went off to a movie, which was about 23 miles away. But to impress our dates we wanted to go to a fancy café and had a fancy dinner and when we received our check it was much more then we expected and we pooled our money and we did not have enough money to cover the bill and He excuse him self and he went to the manger and explained to him that we had had got carried away trying to impress our dates and we had over extended our finances and if he could extend us credit for the balance and we would bring him the balance with interest and he stated that he was not allowed to do that he had strong orders from the owner he would be fired but he stated that he was short of help tonight and he would let us wash dirty dishes to pay the balance. We understood his situation and we agreed to his proposal and we went told our dates what we had to do to our dates and explain our situation to them and they even volunteered to help us the four of us spent the next three hours washing dishes. The four of us along with the manger spent the three hours kidding and laughing over about our predicament. That is one of the best dates that I still remember.

I guess that we impressed our dates pretty good because I dated his sister many times and my friend married his date. Tell me about your first date and I would like to read it---John Davidson                                       

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