Thursday, July 21, 2016

Have you ever just prayed and medicated and day dreamed about just how wonderful and beautiful heaven must be. I have spent countless hours nanny times just meditating and wondering how life will be in heaven. S it in your wildest dream vision how and what heaven is like living there or in to eternity. I thank about it a whole lot. The bible is sorted a vague about living about daily activities. I know that some of the streets will be paved with gold. I know that there will pearly gates, I know there will be castles for some who will desire to live in them, I prefer a common home or a log cabin on a dirt road. The gold and pearly gates a large castle does not impress me very much.

What does impress me is I know that Jesus is there and I am looking forward to neat him face to face and sit down with him, I have so. Many questions to ask him. I know that I will know and recognize all my love ones that have gone there before me. I do not know, but I believe that all now have a spiritual body until the day of the rapture when they and us will have a Glorified body.

I believe life in heaven is now and will be for eternity is very slow and relaxed , more like the early life was on earth. We want or need all the modern convience that we  all abuse ever day. 

               The bible tells us that there will be no pain no sickness no worry no fussing no feuding no cussing no fighting. Will there be some work for us to perform, what will we eat, will we have to grow our own food or will Jesus just serve us with mania ever morning us.

I believe there will be animals there I believe they will all be tamed I believe that big lions will lay down with baby lambs. I doubt that there will be any kind of machinery there because that would be a hazard situation cause injury. I bereave that most people will have a vegetable garden and a beautiful flower garden. If we have a little farm I believe that it will be cultivated with the old mule pulling the old hill beam plow. I believe that heaven will go back to the old style living. Will be very quite very little loud noise the loudest noise you hear the thunder when Jesus gives us rain to water the gardens. I believe there will be beautiful small rivers and creaks for fishing I believe fishing will be like John and Peter used their nets. I am planning to look up John Peter and Andrew to take me fishing.

I do not know if there will be over crowded doctors in heaven because we want need them in heaven and here on earth they killed about as many that they saved in their practice. We want need any lawyers and thank God we want need any pollutions in heaven.

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