Monday, May 30, 2011

May 31st,My wifes Birthday

Thought For Today

My Wife’s Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my darling wife, Helen Galois Dennis Davidson, that lives in heaven, born May 31st 1928 buried March 25th 1985, and she ascended in to heaven on that same day.

I know that this is not a notable wonderful day in your life but it is a wonderful day in my life and it has been ever since I met her and married her in September 18th 1948 and we buried her in March 25th 1985, so I continue to celebrate her birthday ever year. I know that many of you did not know my wife and probably that the most of you that did know her have forgotten her over the years. I still remember her just like that it was yesterday, even thou it has been 26 long years since she passed away. I will sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING WIFE and I know that she will live in heaven to eternity.

I thank God have given me sufficient grace to sustain and endure the loss of loosing her and in knowing she is in heaven has helped me tremendously and I will see her and greet her in heaven some day.
Come celebrate with me---John Davidson


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