Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thought For Today June1st 2011

Thought For Today

Thanks to all the people

Thanks to the several people that took the time to responded to my birthday greeting to my wife yesterday. You will never know how much it made me feel so good reading your good wishes of her, some that had not known her or had never had met her. I even received a beautiful vase of red roses delivered to my apartment in her honor. Thank God that we still have compassion people in our mist. Wouldn’t it be good if all of us Americans would change from our wicked ways and receive Jesus as our savior and trust him?

I did as I said in my birthday greeting to my wife that I would sing Happy birthday to her this morning and the first thing that I did this morning when I awaken up before even getting out of bed, I sang as loud as I could happy birthday to my darling wife, I believed that she heard me, but she did not respond to me, I often talk to God in a audible voice and I know he hears my voice but I never hear his audible voice talking to me, but I can feel his presence there with me. Let us all develop compassion love for ever person that lives on earth, then we will have heaven here on earth.

Thanks again to all that responded to my birthday greeting to my wife, you helped to make a wonderful day for me. —John Davidson


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