Monday, May 9, 2011

Thought For Today May 9th 2011

Thought For Today

Mothers Day

I hope and pray that everyone had a wonderful day celebrating their mothers that are still living and for us that have been departed from them by death. I had a wonderful day after my devotional period sitting out in my patio admiring my new flower garden and meditation on the memories of my mother and my lovely wife, my how many pleasant memories what I have of both of them. Saturday with the help of my son and my grand son we planted twenty pots of pretty plants of impatiens and I dedicate them to my Mother and my wife, in honoring them. I will enjoy them all thru the summer and will thank of them ever day as I sat and admiring them and I pray that my friends and neighbors will enjoy them as well. My Mother and my wife both loved pretty flowers and because they insisted me to help them with there gardens that helped me to enjoy them.

I thank ever day should be Mothers day and Fathers day, I do not mean that it should be a Holliday and you need to make it a commercialized day and spend money that you cant afford, but meditate in the wonderful memories of them and what they did for you.

I thank also ever day should be the Lords day that we should love him praise him and serve him. Have a wonderful day, stay close to God, and he will stay close with you. John Davidson

Special note, our government has finally done something worth mentioned by killing one of the worlds Devils of our times removing Bin Laden from the world.


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