Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Loving Sad statement It is with a sadden heart that I must write a good bye statement about two of my good Christian friends that have departed from earth and have ascended on to heaven and will live and spend eternity with God in heaven. We hate to say good-bye to them but all believers that are born again Christians know that they are at a better place. My prayers go out for all of their families and relatives that are left behind. I pray that that they will seek Gods Devine grace and wisdom that God will strength them and help them in their grieving journey. One of the deceased one is Eddie Dickinson, Eddie fought really hard fighting cancer but it finally over took him. Eddie was a young man in age; none of us will ever understand why that some young people have to be taken so young. I have asked that question many times, I loss my wife when she was only age 56 years old. My eulogy of Eddie Dickinson My eulogy of Eddie and the Dickinson family goes back to the early 30s back in the little town of Hillwood, when I first got acquainted with the Dickinson family, I knew when Eddie was born I knew his father Tommy Dickinson, and I knew his grand Father as well. I knew Eddies Mother and all of the brothers and sisters of Tommie’s family. I remember Eddies sister Ann Hardman. So I have had a close friendship relationship with the Dickinson family and especially with Eddies Father Tommie, we have work together on many projects thru the year’s employee work community projects, church projects, spiritual projects, and just buddy -buddy relationship. So I know the Dickinson family pretty well, I could probably write a book about the relationship and experience that Tommie and I shared. I watched Eddie grow up as a child, a boy, a teenager, his college years and on in to the corporate world, he always presented him self to be an outstanding leader in all his endives and he was very successful in all his endeavors until this cancer took hold on him. I observe and witnessed Eddie and all of the Dickinson families how they have portrayed their love and Christianity, for our God, I know that many of them have worked in churches schools communities and any other place that needed a helping hand. I know that Eddie must be rejoicing and having a family reunion in heaven because he has many family members have gone on before him. I have a special prayer for his lovely wife Helen that has stayed beside his side and have nursed him and ministered to him and loved him and took care of all his needs in thru his battle of journey for surviving. ---John Davidson

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