Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life Of Riley

Thought For Today Life Of Riley O what a beautiful day it is on this 24th day of July and the temperature is approaching 100 degrees, there is not a cloud in the sky and I have been sitting on the patio in my rocking chair and just singing praises to my savior Jesus Christ and thanking him for the wonderful privilege that I have to do what comes naturally to me. I have no worries or any serious concerns or cares just living the life of Riley’s. I have often wondered who was Mr. Riles and when he lived on earth, was he from a foreign country, was he from Rome Italy or maybe he lived here in Rome Georgia. I have tried to research the old original Mr. Riley’s but was un successful to find the first original but I have found many Riley’s back in radio, television and many other means, you could spend the day reading about the Riley’s on the computer, I believe that he originated with our 16th president name Abraham Lincoln, who was the best president that our nation has ever had. I actually believe that he was born in Ireland and moved here in Rome Georgia in the 16th century. I always though maybe that I had many acrostics of Mr. Riley, I believe that he had financial security means, that he was a devout Christian, He loved every one, I believe he tried hard to help all mankind, that is why I try to live the life of Riley. As I sit here on my rocking chair gazing in to the pretty blue sky and admiring my pretty flowers and thanking my Lord for his amazing grace that allows me be so wonderfully blessed, the heat just don’t seam to bother me very much. Mr. Riley never did have it so good. Why don’t you try to live the life of Riley, you can if you will turn your life over to God, his door is always open. Written by John Davidson GOD BLESS AMERICA---IN GOD WE TRUST

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