Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thought For Today A Loving Sad statement It is with a sadden heart that I must write a good bye statement about two of my good Christian friends that have departed from earth and have ascended on to heaven and will live and spend eternity with God in heaven. We hate to say good-bye to them but all believers that are born again Christians know that they are at a better place. My prayers go out for all of their families and relatives that are left behind. I pray that that they will seek Gods Devine grace and wisdom that God will strength them and help them in their grieving journey. It is always sad to say good-bye to a friend that has gone to meet their creator but it becomes harder when you have a long life acquaintance and friendship relationship with them as I have had with Eddie Dickinson and Mary Rogers. These two individuals will be missed with every one that knew them. I know that both of these two people were devout Christians and portrayed them selves to be a leader in their community. When I reminisce and thank of them I will thank God that I had the privileged to have known them. My prayers go out to all their families that are left behind their love ones will need prayers to help them in their grieving journey, I will include them in my prayers. God knows their names and will help them and sustain them in their grieving journeys. Thank God for good people—John Davidson GOD BLESS AMERICA---IN GOD WE TRUST

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