Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Document "HOG HEAVEN"

Hog Heaven

Have you ever thought about where or what hog heaven is all about or where it is located, well I have. I guess I thought that Jimmie Dean was living in “ Hog Heaven “, well I found out that he does not live in hog heaven, I thought that the big movie stars all lived in hog heave, but they were living in sin. I then thought that our government, our senators and our congressmen all lived in hog heaven and I found out they were all preparing them selves to go straight to HELL?

I spent many years searching and looking all over the world trying to find hog heaven well I finally found it in October 2004, at the assisted and retirement home named Renaissance near the beautiful city of Rome Georgia. It sits on a large lot with a beautiful building that is surrounded with some beautiful mountains and provides living space for about 100 occupants. It has plenty walking area and some beautiful shade trees to sit under. It has very experienced administrative staff and plenty of dedicated workers to take care of the occupant and minister to most of our needs. It even provides space for us to have a beautiful garden.
Well what is Hog Heaven, let me tell you what I thank hog heaven is for me. It is a place that you can relax and be your own boss, you can sleep when you want to, or you can go to bed when you so desire. You have no obligations, no worry unless you choose to worry; you can sit out in the old shade tree and spend hours meditating on any thing that so desire even on Jesus Christ. I enjoy spending hours admiring the garden looking into the beautiful blue sky; I am perfectly happy and content with life. God bless America.

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