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Some of my daily activities

Some Of My Activities Sunday May 31st. 2009

My children frequently call and ask what have you been doing today or what is going on in my life each day. Well I am an old 87 year man and there, is very little going on in my life, let me give you my high lights of this day. I woke up early this morning around 6; 30 and I usually don’t get awake until around 8:00 or 9;00 A.M. The first thing that I thought about this morning that this is my wife’s birthday, and I spent considerable time reminiscent over our life together and praying gods blessings for my family and praying and thanking God for his blessing on my lovely wife which lives in heaven.

For the next several minutes was spent in the bath room taking care of all the necessary chores needs and required details, and in your advanced age they become quiet a chore. Back over in my working years I could shave shower and s--t in 15 minutes, and now it requires about two hours. It seams that all your vital organs seam to quit function at a certain age. When you try to void, you turn the water on in the lavatory so you can hear the water running and that helps you get in the mood to get your urine to start dripping, so you hold on to the brace they have installed for old people to hold on and keep you from going to sleep and falling on the floor.

After you finish empting your bladder you then start thank that you may feel the urge that maybe that prune juice may be ready to act, you can not tell for sure so you lower your pants, hoping that this is the real urge, or is it just a explosion created from gas by drinking a gallon of prune juice, this goes on for several minutes. When you thank that you have completed that chore, and then you feel the great urge to pass some gas again and you thank that it is only gas and you don’t lower your pants and then you find out it was the real stuff, and then you got to take another shower and wash your drawers.

Now it is getting around ten O’clock and if you have any strength left you start shaving, combing your hair, installing you partials, hunting your glasses, installing you hearing aids.

It is time to enter in to the kitchen, but I stop by my computer and check see if I have any Interested looking emails, and if I see some that looks interesting I may read some of them. By the time I enter the kitchen I feel so exhausted I feel that I need to have a little nap before breakfast then I may eat something or I may just skip breakfast totally that day. Food don’t taste good any more anyway people have messed with food trying to cut out calories and it doesn’t have any flavor and this generation of people does not know how to cook a decent meal anyway, I believe that they are to dam lazy.

This Sunday was quiet different from most Sundays because about the time I finished in the bath room I received a call from my oldest son (Rick) and stated that he was on his way to visit me. After receiving his call I decided not to eat any breakfast that day because I knew that we were going out to eat lunch. So I carried him to my favorite café here in Rome, which is, Picky-Dilly they know how to prepare soul food and that is the kind of food that I enjoy. But when we got there they were closed because they had an electrical problem, so we went over to Harvest Moon Café and they were also closed they stated that they no longer opened on Sunday. We then went to Partridge Café and we finally found something to eat there.

This was an enjoyable Sunday I always love and enjoy when my children come to visit me. Sundays is sorter like the old song, Sundays are the loneliest day of the week. Heavenly Father please bless my little garden and dear God I thank you for the strength and the desire that you have installed within me to prepare and dress it up as a beautiful garden to look at and admire. I spend many hours sitting under the beautiful shade tree admiring the garden and all the surrounding mountains and the other entire creations dear god that you have created for us to enjoy. Dear god it is so peaceful to sit there and listens at some of my favorite gospel music and to meditate on your word and praise your name. I wish that everyone could feel the serenity that I feel when sitting out gazing in to the sky a looking for the Lord to appear. I hope and pray that everyone feels that this little garden is my little ministry for my good friends here at Renaissance.

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