Thursday, January 28, 2010

My document of Motives


Heavenly Father my computer devotional this morning was about our motives and it caused me to exanimate my self and ask my self why do I do what I do. Is it because I want to please God, Is it because I think he expects it of me, is it because it makes me feel good, is it because I want to show my self off and show my expertise and strength, do I try to be a Christian example before others?

Dear God in my final analysis I have come to the conclusion that most of all of the above is true. I certainly do want to please God in everything that I do, but I find my self-doing some of it according to my only will instead of his will for me. Dear God forgive me for being disobediently from your will for me, I frequently talk and consult the Holy Spirit for guidance and advise me and give me directions on what and how I do things.

I know Dear Jesus that you want me to tell others about the good news, how to be saved, how to love you and trust you and minister to people that do not know you. I do a little but it is so very little, sometime I thank that I am cable of doing so very much more.

Dear Jesus Yes it does make me feel good inside and we let the sinful pride get in to our heart and mind and soul and we want to be recognized and be looked up as it was our effort, when it should have been the praise to you dear Jesus. There is nothing that I can do without the blessings from you. I do want to be an example of a devout Christian before everyone that I come in contact with. Dear God I feel so insufficient of what you expect of me, I fall so short of what I would like to be in serving you better. But dear Jesus I am still learning and working to be like you. I read your good book ever day from morning to evening, so I will be there when the roll is called over yonder I will be there.

This prayer is written under the direction of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ my savior.

John Davidson

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