Sunday, January 31, 2010

My document-This I Believe

Dear God this is what I believe:

I believe God is the great creator of heaven and earth and everything that lives with in it. I believe God loves us so much that he sent his only begotten son on earth to die for our sins. I believe they crucified my Lord Jesus on that horrible cross. He shed his blood for me that I may have eternal life. I believe they buried him in a tomb and he rose on the third day. I believe that he lived forty days on earth after resurrection. I believe that he ascended up in to the sky and in to heaven. I believe Jesus is sitting on the right hand of God in heaven. I believe that he will come back soon to receive all believers to cone live with him in heaven. I believe that I will be one of the believers that will meet him in the sky. I believe in the trinity, even though the word trinity is not recorded in the bible. There are many scriptures that described the trinity in the bible. I believe that God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are all the same.

I believe that the holy bible is literally true. I believe that God inspired every verse that is recorded in the bible I literally accept Jesus as my Lord and savior. I believe Jesus walked on this earth and preached and taught us how we can be a child of God. I believe that there is a HELL. I believe there is a HEAVEN. I believe that we have to make the choice where we want to go. I know that I am a child of God, and I know that I am going to heaven when I die. Thanks God for you’re wholly word.

John Davidson

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