Monday, January 18, 2010

My New Years Resolution for year of 2010

My New Years Resolution For –2010

Do you make New Year’s resolutions, I do, I thank that every one should make new resolutions from time to time and strive to change some habits that you know are not good and decent or may even be sinful, and I have many. Over in the last several years I have made some that I really worked hard and strived to improve on them and I did improve on some of them. I would like to share a few of them with you the word “ LOVE” there are so many forms of love and I even wrote a story about the many kind and stages of love that there are none more important then our love for Jesus Christ, and love our neighbor and our family. One year I choose the word “GRACE” I studied about the grace that my lord has given to me I even pull the word grace in the KJV bible and found that the word grace is recorded in 159 verses and I read the most of them.

Many years my word was “FAITH” and that word will be again this year and again for the remaining years that I live here on this earth. I have not completely mastered it as yet but I am a lot closer then I used to be, but I will continue working on it, until I will have enough as a mustard seed, then I believe that my master will say to me well done my good and faithful severant. AMEN

Another year was the word “PRIDE” It has been said that the word pride is the route of all sin, I do not know if that is completely true or not but I know that I have to reframe from it my self because we have the tendencies to try take credit for the little deeds that we are involved in, when the credit should go to our savior, because there is nothing that we can do without the guidelines and direction of God.

Another word is “PATIENTANCE” I have improved over the years but I still have to work on that one each year. Another word is “PERSEVERANCE” that goes along with patience and with my physical adversities my poor vision, my poor hearing difficulties, causes me to learn to do many things in a different way and in a different style. The grace of God has blessed me so wonderfully that he has helped me endure and not be desponded about these little adversities. I praise God that I can see well enough to write on my computer and write my little scribbling that I thornily enjoy. Even thou I have to use a magnifying light to work on the computer, I feel so wonderfully blessed.

For the last several years my daughter and I have discussed and selected the words that we wanted to choose for each New Year. We have chosen the word “ compassion “ for this year 2010. I will now include compassion along with the other words that I have related to in this statement for this year. There were other words or phases or topics that I have worked on in previous years, for instances I quit smoking December in 1981, on a resolution made with my brother, I have decided that it is better to make resolutions with family members or with a close friend where you can be completive with them.

I know that making resolutions and keeping them and working them have improved my character, disposition, my attitude, my spiritual living style, and happiness. May I encourage you to make New Years resolutions and see if they will help you?

Now after all of that I am still a low down sinner I feel that I am just filthy rags, but I am a lot better then I used to be and have a long way to go where I want to be, so I am going to keep on working and striving until my master says to me well done my good faithful servant. Composed by John Davidson

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