Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Renaissance Dreamer

The Dreamer

I am the Renaissance dreamer.

I am just a country boy that grew up in a sawmill town. This town was located in the large woods. Lots of our joy and entertainment was spent by walking thru the woods.

Have you ever just walked thru the woods along beside a crooked creek in the spring -time and see honey suckle bushes in full blooms and pluck one of the blossom and smell them and taste the sweet flavor. Did you ever cut a boca of the honey-suckle flowers and take them to your Mother and let her put them in your room to make your room smell sweet. Have you ever looked up in to a tall popular tree and see the squirrels jumping thru and fore and playing with each other. Did you ever see the birds flying from tree to tree and hearing them chirping their heart- out? Did you ever find a honey tree in the woods and rob the honey and get strung with many bees for robbing their honey. Did you ever come on to a snake curled in your path, and it scared the devil out of you. Have you ever gathered up a gang of you friends and go swimming in the creek? Have you ever played the game of hockey in an open field using a tin can as a golf ball and broomstick as a putter? Do you know what I am describing to you that we did not have all the paraphernalia that children have this day; we had to create our own tools to make believe. Did you ever line up a long line of children and join hands and all run as fast as we could and some large person at the front end of the line and he would stop and he would pop the whip, and the person on the tail end of the line would be thrown in to the air. Have you ever taken barrel staves and made a little sled and scatter pine straw on a hill and slide down the hill. Have you played the little game throw the rubber ball over the house and there would be a group on either side that would catch the ball as it is thrown over. I could keep on relation many games to you that we used to play and enjoyed. I feel so sorry for you children that did not learn how to use your own imagination and create some things for yourselves.

Have you ever sat out side on a fall day and admire the beauty of the trees with the leaves turning to many colors. What a sight to see? Have you ever thought about who is responsible for all the beauty that we enjoy every day.
Do you just accept the great beauty of earth it as just mother’s nature happening that way? I am here to tell you that it just doesn’t happen that way. We have a wonderful God that created heaven and earth and every living thing on earth. He is the great creator that loves us so much that he created it all for all mankind.

Have you sat in front of the Renaissance building and watch Cliff, as he comes out and call his kitty cats and feed them. It is an amusing sight to watch and hear him talk to his kitty cats. It is amusing thing to watch an elderly man display love and compassion for the little animals.

Have you ever walked thru the woods and find a large patch of hackle berries and sat down and pick a bucket full. Or find a large patch of wild black berries, or find a Muscatine vine, and come across a vine of possum grapes. Have you ever gotten thirsty while strolling thru the woods and come across a beautiful brook and lay down on your belly on the ground and rake the leaves aside and drank from the brook. Have you ever made minnow traps and trapped minnows in the brook. Have you ever helped dam the brook and make a little swimming hole and gotten naked and went swimming in cold water.
Have you ever tried to walk logs in the log pond? Have you ever taken a dare to go swimming in a frozen creek?

As a teenager, have you ever wanted to go fishing in a creek and had to go out and dig earth- worms for bait, and then cut hickory saplings for a fishing pole. Did you ever try making coffee in a tin bucket while on your fishing trip?

Have you sat on one of the benches out side of the Renaissance facility on a clear beautiful day and gaze up in to the elements and meditate about how wonderful it will be when Jesus comes back for all of us believers. Have you ever thought about how wonderfully blessed we are to have a wonderful place to live here at Renaissance in our advanced age. Can you remember how hard it was for most of our parents as they grew to advanced age?

Have you ever laid on a pile of cotton on the porch, in the night and gaze up in to the sky and admire the stars and gaze at a full moon and admire Gods great creation and thank God for his wonderful love that he has for us. Have you ever sat in the sun- shine and felt it’s warm rays on your shoulders and backs. Have you ever sat in the sand on the beach with your feet dangling in the water and gazing across the ocean and spot a boat in a long distance away and wonder who is responsible for us being able to enjoy all of this? Do you know that there is more of God’s creation for you to enjoy. If you have not experienced some of these things, then you have not lived yet. Come walk with me on Gods sacred path and I will tell you about some more of Gods creation for us to enjoy. I would be very happy to talk to you and tell you what God has done for me in my life. Thanks to God that I am a Christian, and I am very proud of it. I enjoy telling others about my lord and savior Jesus Christ.

God is the great creator of heaven and earth and everything that lives there in it. I have mentioned a few of the wonderful things that we can enjoy here on earth, Can you imagine how wonderful Heaven must be, You can witness how beautiful heaven will be if you will live the life that Jesus has planed for us to live. He wants us to love him, trust him, believe in him, accept him as our redeemer; He wants us to know that he died for our sins on the horrible cross, make him Lord in our life. He has paved the road for us to meet him in heaven. I hope to see and meet you in heaven.

John Davidson

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