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                         AFFAIRS OF OUR NATION

                                                                                 August 19,2008

Dear God, I have awaken up early this morning feeling a little depressed, I had a restless night, I did not have any pain or discomfort, I just kept waking up every few hours. I guess I was depressed about our nation; I am scared to death about our nation it is in the worse shape since the 1930’s in the great depression years. I am 86 years old and I remember the depression very vividly.  It is not just only the economy it is many other problems that we need your helping hand to lead us and guide us to fix.

I am trying to write a story about the great depression for the 1930’s and it is still very imbedded in my mind. I believe that I am a better person for having to have gone thru it, it was extremely hard but it helped us to realize that life is not a bed of roses. It made us realize that money doesn’t grow on trees. It made us to be thankful to God for food and shelter. It helped us to love family and neighbors and it helped us to seek our savior Jesus Christ our redeemer.

I pray that America will never have to endure another depression as we had in the 1930’s, but it could happen again. So I ask you to pray that God will come to our rescue and heal our land. These are scary times in our nation, in 46 more days we will vote for a nation leader and we need to pray earnestly that God will lead us and guide us to choose the one that will serve America according to the will of God.

It may be that we have swayed away from Gods will for us that he is knocking us down to our knees. As we look over all the terrible things that are happening all over the world makes you wonder, what is God up to, and he is in control of every thing in heaven and earth.

I personally do not believe that the American people are strong enough to endure a depression as we did in the 30’s, so may I ask you to pray that God will intervene and heal our land. It may be that our lord are trying to attract our attention and telling us to shape up and repent of our sins.

Heavenly Father thanks you for the privilege that you let me talk to you thru my writing, it always give me much satisfaction to talk with you and express my thoughts to you. I feel so wonderfully bless that I can see well enough to write and can hear well enough that I can carry on an intelligent conversation. Thanks dear God for everything especially my family. I sometime enjoy sharing my scribbling with others I pray that I do not offend anyone by sending them to you.          AMEN and  AMEN

John Davidson    

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