Monday, September 12, 2016

Prayer tonight                       Sept 19 2016

Here I go again complaining about little description affairs in my blessed life. I am scheduled to have a new battery replaced on my pace maker this will be my fifth battery to be replaced I had my pace maker installed back in the year of 1992. No wonder God has allowed our doctors to become vessel for healing body parts.

I have had three delayed schedules of this procedure I cannot understand why this all occurred, but my bible tells me that every thing has a purpose; I just prayed to my savior that I will accept it for being a good reason. I am not dreading the procedure in fact I guess I am looking forward for it. I know that the lord will be laying beside me and holding my hand.

What an awesome Lord we have that stays beside of us when we need him to lift us up. Thank you God for our good doctors that loves us and an extra mile to help us. I guess that my life has been so wonderful blessed to live a ripe old age of 94 years old.

John Davidson

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