Friday, September 16, 2016

Corn bread

My family thinks that I have an ark of making good corn bread and I thank that I do make a good cake of bread and my son asked me if I would make an recipe explaining just how I do it, so here it goes.

First select a 9-inch skillet and make sure it is free of left over stuck bread I try to not wash it and just try to clean it with paper towels.  I then cover the skillet bottom of cooking oil and insert the skillet in to the hot heated oven that has been set between 35 and 40 degree. I really do not measure any of the ingredients.

Select a mixing bowl and put in about 3 small cups of self-rising corn meal. Insert about a tablespoon of salt. Insert about ½ cup of cooking oil. Insert 2 hen eggs and mixed it good and insert enough butter mild until it pours easily into the hot skillet from the oven.

Cooking time some where from ¾ hour too one hour. Check it at the ¾ hour and it probably will be start to tan in the edges stay pretty close and watch it until it is as brown as you want it.

I believe that I am going to go bake. me a cake of corn bread.
Your DAD---John Davidson

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